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Various Warehousing Setup Options

This this session, you will learn how to setup warehousing parameters within Business Central. Every organization is different with different warehousing controls and needs. We will go into the various internal warehouse activities and how to complete the related setups to achieve the desired flow.

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Posting Setups and Control – Financial Controlling for Dynamics365 Business Central

In this session, I will be discussing regarding financial setups and controls that controlled by financial controllers and project managers. Following are the Keynotes of session: 1. Overview and Introduction 2. Setups and Key concepts 3. Review of Transaction flow 4. Review of entries

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Easy Cash Flow Forecast

Need up-to-minute, accurate cash flow forecasts? Business Central provides powerful tools for managing your cash flow. Get started in 10 easy steps and build more and more complexity as desired.

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Ethereum Smart contracts and business central

Today is 10 March 2021. I’m challenging myself, to learn smart contracts and integrate them with Business central in the next 36 days until the conference. In this session, I will give you a look into the challenges along the way and take you on a tour of the final solution.

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List Your App on AppSource

Future Business Central running on apps! Doesn’t matter if you are VAR or ISV, you are now building apps for your customers. Your local customers love your app, now it’s a good time to share it with a rest of Business Central community though listing it on Microsoft AppSource. On this session presenter will talk though AppSource opportunity, main challenges like monetization and simplification, walk you through the main stages on getting you app published and share some practices which help to get define successful future product development.

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Deploy != Release with Feature Flags

In enterprise organizations, release is one of the final steps of a long process that, historically, could take months of hard work. Historically releases for NAV\BC been carefully prepared with release\rollback plan including support stuff availability. This dramatically increases the cost of each release and slow down a business grow. Hotfixes and rollbacks will be often part of the job with a lot of pressure and stress for everyone. This is mainly because change deployment and release are highly coupled into a single operation. For most NAV\BC community it’s practically the same thing. In this session we would like to introduce you a feature flag approach which allows to effectively decouple deployment from release which leads to a dramatically increase of your implementation velocity. This session will be similar interests for technicals as well as for functionals who would like to improve there release process.

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Everything you need to know about Business Central online administration

Even though the Dynamics 365 Business Central application may look almost identical whether it’s deployed online or on-premises, administration is a whole different story. There’s no NST, no MMC console, no PowerShell scripts to create a new instance – it’s all different in the world of BC online. Join this session to learn how you can manage simple to complex admin tasks in an online deployment, and be the hero that your organizations needs AND deserves.

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SKU planning setup for MPS/MRP calculations

During this session you will learn how to setup the Stockkeeping Unit planning paramteres for MPS/MRP calculations.

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Practical Automated Testing for Business Central

Let’s talk about automated tests. We’ll skip most of the theory and abstract discussions about the “testing pyramid” and justifications for why you must write tests. Instead, we’ll start with a sample specification and walk through how you might approach the development with automated tests in mind. We’ll see how quickly we can write some meaningful tests that guide and support our development by using the standard library codeunits as well as creating our own test library. We’ll do all of this without leaving the comfort of Visual Studio Code with the AL Test Runner extension and a Business Central Docker container. Along the way we’ll give some thought to: What should we test? Should we write the tests before or after the production code – or doesn’t it matter? Do we care about code coverage? (Spoiler: the answer to all three is “it depends – you’re the developer, you need to apply the principles to your own project”).

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Understanding CRM Capabilities of Business Central

In this session, I will be explaining the CRM capabilities of Business Central. I will be discussing points such as: 1. Contact, Job Responsibilities, Campaigns, and master data setup. 2. Track email interaction with Business Central. 3. Demonstrate end-to-end Sales Cycle in Business Central.