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How use Account Schedules and Analysis by Dimensions for Ad-Hoc

In this session, I will be discussing the creation of Financial Ad-Hoc Reports in Business Central. Also, I will be explaining how to setup Account Schedules and Analysis by Dimensions to create reports from scratch. I will also be sharing capabilities of Account Schedules and Analysis by Dimensions.

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Inventory, Sales and Purchase Analysis Views in Business Central

In this session, I will be discussing about Ad-Hoc Reporting for Inventory, Sales and Purchases in Business Central. Also, I will setup the Analysis Views from scratch and explain working of each of the setup parameter.

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Upgrading example from NAV 2009 R2 to BC in the cloud

An example of which steps is needed to upgrade from a NAV 2009 R2 to the BC cloud version: – 2009 R2 to 2013 – 2013 to 2015 – 2015 to BC 14 – Moving customizations to extensions – Migrating to the cloud – Administering the cloud version We will show step by step how to upgrade through all the stepping stones from NAV 2009 to BC 14 and then the migration to the latest BC version in the cloud.

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Introduction to Manufacturing in Business Central – on-premise and in the cloud

The manufacturing module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV have existed as an integrated module since version 2.6. Thousands of customers use the manufacturing module to plan and execute their production every day. This session will answer a lot of commonly asked questions about the Manufacturing module like: – Which manufacturing methodologies are supported by Dynamics NAV? – Which manufacturing methods are supported by Dynamics NAV? – Which manufacturing methods are not supported by Dynamics NAV? – Should I choose the assembly module or the manufacturing module or both? – What does the Manufacturing module consist of? – Can I Integrate manufacturing to the warehouse module? – How does the manufacturing costing work? – Which changes can I make to make the manufacturing system better? – Are there any add-ons that will improve the manufacturing module?

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Six Levels of Warehousing in Dynamics NAV

The warehouse Management module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be set up in many different configurations. Come around and get a glimpse of some of the different warehouse setups. This session will show how the functionality in the Warehouse Management module changes depending on the setup. The agenda will be: – Warehouse Management Overview – Setting Up Warehouse Management – Receiving Orders – Internal warehouse processes – Shipping In this session we will be showing selected functionality from all six of the different setups.

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Introduction to the Modern clients

The modern client was introduced with Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Wave 2 in the fall of 2019 and at the same time, Microsoft retired the Windows client. In spite of the new name, the client was not completely unknown, because it was built on the foundation of the web-client, that was introduced with Dynamics NAV 2013 and later revised with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Previously the web-client was very often opted out because of limitations in: • Missing shortcuts • Missing not functional Quick-Entry • Missing Departments menu • No Personalization • Many levels in the menus • Copy/paste problems • And in general, too much use of the mouse in the daily routines. However, with the release of the Modern client, many of the problems that prevented users to switch to the Web-client has been fixed, and the Modern client now proves to be a valid successor to the Windows client. This book will give you a round-trip in the Modern client and explain functionality, how to maneuver the client, and how to customize it.

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Project Management (Jobs) features and uses in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Project Management is very important module for enterprises specially who works on projects. In Dynamics 365 Business cental Project Management module is called Jobs. This session will include features and benefits that an enterprise can get by using Jobs in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Following are the questions whose answers we will cover in the session. 1. How Jobs can be setup? 2. How to Budget Jobs? 3. How we can post costs to Jobs? 4. How to link sales & Purchase with Jobs? 5. How WIP works? 6. How resources can log time to Jobs using timesheets?

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Monitoring your Business Central environment

Telemetry is key in monitoring your BC environments to quickly identify issues and take the necessary steps to recover. In this session, i’ll be sharing around how you what kind of telemetry you will be able to monitor, how to setup monitoring with Azure Application insights and some common issues and resolutions.

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It’s Time for Your Accounting Team to Start Selling

You’re looking for an edge to grow your sales, what about enlisting your accounting team? They’re contacting your customers as much as anyone else in your organization and it’s time to leverage those contact points through, if you can believe this, your invoices. We’ll walk through how to turn those cookie-cutter invoices into sales tools that reflect your personal branding and messaging. You’ll see how to integrate your invoices with your marketing campaigns and create referrals with little additional effort. We’ll also cover how to dial in your invoices by customer category or other metadata to fully leverage this hidden sales tool.

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Procure to Pay- The Business Central Way!

Join me for this informative session on everything from requisition to payment including tips and tricks along the way!