[ February 1, 2022 by Ramprakash Duraisamy 0 Comments ]

Understanding source control for projects and Pipelines

In this session we will go through how to Create an Azure DevOps organization Align Azure DevOps work items How to Integrate source control CI/CD: Understand how Pipelines facilitate Continuous Implementation and Continuous Deployment. Push a code Repo from the command line of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

[ January 19, 2022 by Wael Hamze 0 Comments ]

ALM for Power Platform

ALM is one of the key ingredients for successful adoption of Power Platform. It is also one of things that is often challenging to implement on many projects. The ALM story is also continuously evolving with many features and options becoming more widely available. In the session we will talk about the value that ALM can add to your projects, what is required to implement ALM, the different options and latest tools that are available and demo some of the key scenarios.

[ January 16, 2022 by David Robertson 0 Comments ]

Power Platform – Continous testing

Continuous Testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of your ALM/DevOps processes, the purpose of this session is to cover some of the different levels of automated tests and how they can be applied to your Power Platform development processes to increase the ability to deliver at speed whilst minimizing the risk of regression

[ January 10, 2022 by Michael Megel 0 Comments ]

Let’s start with ALM!

Are you a Citizen Developer and new to Microsoft Dataverse? Have you just created and shared your first PowerApps and Power Automate flows? Then the whole chapter of application lifecycle management is certainly completely new to you. That’s okay, because as a Pro Developer, it’s my responsibility to get you on the right track! In my session, I will explain why it makes sense to have a clear environment strategy. Furthermore I’ll show you, how I use solutions to pack and transport my PowerApps and Power Automate flows between my Dataverse environments. Finally, I want to give you a sneak peek at a fully automated ALM process. Keep in mind that ALM is not a secret and is not exclusive to professional developers.