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Project Operations Overview

This session will outline the key reasons for using Project Operations and how it improves project success. We will outline the key features of Project Operations and show how they build upon Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. We will then complete our journey with some advanced concepts for enterprise level deployments.

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Customer Voice and Power Automate better together

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is an enterprise feedback management application you can use to easily keep track of the customer metrics that matter the most to your business. With deep integration from the Dynamics 365 line-of-business applications and built on Microsoft Forms, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice adds rich insights by feeding real-time survey data into customer records. Using Power Automate the Customer voice capability can be taken to the next level with automation from a both internal and external perspective

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Manage your Events with D365 Marketing

This session will contain the introduction to Event Management and Event Portal.

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Using Segments in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

In this session, We will learn what are Segments , different types of segments how to use them in Customer Journey. Segments let you run efficiently targeted campaigns. We can easily group your contacts based on factors like demographics, firmographics, and behavioral data, and so on. Segments can be created , updated, and maintained very easily. It helps further tune your strategies to suit the target audience and provides better chances at success.

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AI in Dynamics 365 Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform is a hot topic in the world of IT, but what is a CDP and how can it help you Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is Microsoft’s attempt at a CDP, but here is a secret, you don’t need to have a Dynamics 365 app to use it. This session will explain the capabilities of Customer Insights with Audience Insights and Engagement Insights, what built-in Artificial Intelligence is provided and how you can use your own Machine Learning models to enrich your data.

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AI 101 – Options for using AI in the Power Platform

AI Builder allows you to enhance your apps and data with Artificial Intelligence without being a Data Scientist or having to learn algorithms. This session will explain how you can use AI Builder to create your own machine learning models and then use those models in your apps and flows. The session will explain how AI Builder compares with Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning and compares these different services. You will learn that the Azure services are not as scary as they first appear and how they are valid options for your solutions. Finally, we will look at which service to use in different scenarios.

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Powerful Document Automation for D365 & M365 – design in MS Office and generate documents wherever you need them!

Easily design complex documents in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with tables, conditions, barcodes, charts, images, etc. Generate these documents where you need them: directly in Dynamics 365, CE, FinOps, Business Central, Power Automate, SharePoint, and many more. Combine data sources: SharePoint, M365, D365 FinOps, CE & BC, Web Services, SQL, and many more. Maintain templates and modular text blocks in Microsoft 365 / SharePoint & Teams or on your server. Print & save generated documents into M365, SharePoint, Teams, or your archive. Your result will be a business user-friendly document automation process that can be efficient, enjoyable, and productive at the same time.

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Microsoft Healthcare Industry Accelerator & it’s future

In this session we will discuss about different Industry Accelerators built on the Dataverse. Live Demo on Education Accelerator, Nonprofit Accelerator, Finance Service Accelerator & Healthcare Accelerator. How Microsoft focusing on healthcare & future of Healthcare Accelerator i.e. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

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Dynamics Customer Insights: Slice and dice customer data to gain value insights

Together we will cover start to finish all of the segments of Dynamics Customer Insights from data ingestion to the out put of data insights into Power Apps and Power BI. We will start with data ingestion & unification then proceed to creating data segments and calculated data measures. We will cover how to use Artificial Intelligence to calculate brand affinity and interest through the use of industry data in Microsoft Graph. Azure Machine Learning will provide a way to create custom ML models for unique scenarios. As a result of these setup actions we will see the data displayed in Power BI charts, we will be able to interact with the data in a canvas Power App and we will be able to trigger actions using Power Automate.

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How to make Dynamics 365 more user friendly

On this session we’ll discuss different capabilities and approaches to design more user friendly solutions with Dynamics 365. Users adoption is critical for the success of a project, so It’s important to provide a solution that fits with what the user want and need. The lessons learned on the last twelve years of experience working with CRM implementations were transformed in this quick list of tips (both on how to approach a solution or on which functionality leverage on) to consider when you design Dynamics 365 solutions.