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D365FO, OData and Custom Apps: High Performance Integration Scenarios

Join us for this session where we talk about OData, data Entities, Custom C# Apps and how to plan, build, execute, test and deliver on performance sensitive workloads / integrations. We will use real data with several different data entity scenarios to determine which is the best style for your specific scenario. We’ll review data on performance for specific workloads painstakingly collected to determine how to get the most out of F&O data entities with OData.

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Sharing is Caring – HR and Field Service working together

Can 2 functional consultants connect Dynamics HR and Dynamics Field service without writing Code? We share our findings with the new ways of integrating solutions via Virtual Entities and Common Data Service. The result is hopefully a world where 2 different applications share data in great harmony Speakers: Thomas Sandsør, Malin Martnes

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AP invoice automation using D365FO and PowerAutomate

AP invoice automation using D365FO and PowerAutomate Every organization want to be quick and agile in managing cost and payables and AP invoice automation brings in tremendous opportunities to enable it. There are many reasons why AP processes should be automated, sharing some of our top factors: Why • Streamline AP process • Remove/optimize redundant manual activities • Faster invoice processing • In-time liability visibility • Better cash flow management • Greater collaboration with vendors • Reduced risk of fraud • Significant cost savings

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Data Migration – You only get to do it once – Hidden Jewels in D365 Finance and Supply Chain

There is saying in ERP world, You only get to do it once (in Production), if you screw it up – its usually someone else doing next time. We are going to discuss investments Microsoft has made in recent years to improve experience in data migration process. Every project requires data movement in and out of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps. The key is using bulk imports and effectively keeping a track of multiple moving parts. This session will address: 1. How to import data in bulk with multi-threading 2. How to keep original load and delta loads in sync 3. How to import customers quickly without spending hours to process load 4. Project management, environment planning aspects to make Data migration successful 5. Review configuration tweaks, terminologies and how those settings impact in different scenarios to get optimal results The content of this session is geared toward an audience with intermediate-level knowledge of the subject area.

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Deep dive in the Human Resources app for Teams

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a powerful solution that allows you to fully manage your leave and absence process. But when it arrives the time to onboard the employees in the solution the experience it not really simple and user friendly. With the Human Resources app for Teams, things begin to change in the right way for many parts of this process. During this session I will show you the main capabilities of the app and we will see how we can go a bit further using the Power Platform.

[ November 8, 2020 by Andrew Lencsak 0 Comments ]

How to Make Master Planning and Demand Forecasting Fit Your Supply Chain

Needing to plan for Production, Raw materials, and Distribution in D365F&O and not know where to start? This session will review how to implement various strategies like Make to Order, Make to Stock, and Forecasting demand and supply to align your S&OP practices. Learn about functionality planning coverage, supply schedules, delivery date control, and statistical forecasting to bring your business to the next level.

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Integration frameworks within Dynamics 365 for FinOps

In this session, I aim to talk about concepts of integrations, What are different types of integration patterns and tools available in  Dynamics 365 for F&O and surrounding Microsoft ecosystem. I aim to compare these patterns and provide guidance on when to use which pattern. This session will help the audience to choose right integration strategy for their projects. It is aimed for solution architects and managers who are undergoing digital transformation in D365 F&O platforms having complex integration landscape. I have share the PPT link which can be used to review the work in progress.

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Importance of Binary data (In terms of Integration, Sending/Merging reports, Attachments etc.)

This session would provide a detailed insight into Binary data in dynamics 365Finance. Helps to understand the technicality (Learn X++/C# code)- How the object can be sent/received from another application to/fro from the D365 finance system. The object could be either File type or Image or sometimes the user wants to club two or more detailed report to a single file(pdf) and you will be able to see how Memory stream & Bytes plays an important role while sending data (from Integration perspective)

[ November 4, 2020 by Antonio Gilabert 0 Comments ]

Extending Vendor Invoice Automation with Azure AI in Dynamics 365 Finance

Extending Vendor Invoice Automation with Azure AI in Dynamics 365 Finance. During this session you’ll be able to understand the new functionality related to Vendor Invoice Automation complemented with Cognitive Services from Azure in Dynamics 365 Finance.

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Setting up Project Operations by using a PSA maintenance case study

Join Esther Lee and Faisal Fareed on setting up Project Operations integration from start and learn what’s new in the project operations along with the integration layer involved to make this work. The integration section will cover the common pitfalls when configuring dual write. Discover the practical features that will help operations teams to manage projects in maintenance industry PSA case study. Discover useful approach of managing forecast to billing.