[ November 2, 2020 by Esther C. Lee 0 Comments ]

Setting up Project Operations by using a PSA maintenance case study

Join Esther Lee and Faisal Fareed on setting up Project Operations integration from start and learn what’s new in the project operations along with the integration layer involved to make this work. The integration section will cover the common pitfalls when configuring dual write. Discover the practical features that will help operations teams to manage projects in maintenance industry PSA case study. Discover useful approach of managing forecast to billing.

[ November 2, 2020 by Kamal_Radhakrishnaiah 0 Comments ]

D365 Human Resources and Power Virtual Agents!

– This session focusses on blending the worlds of a HR professional; Dynamics 365 and Power Platform with Power Virtual Agents as a focal point. – We will look at how easy it to create a chat bot and apply to a real world scenario. – Explore specific use cases in the world of Human Resources how Power Virtual Agents can be of help – Explain the advantages of using PVA to create a cool employee experience and improve employee engagement

[ November 2, 2020 by Julia Simpson 0 Comments ]

Flow into FinOps

In this session we go through the Triggers and Actions of the Power Automate (Flow) Finance & Operation Connector. We will talk about Business Events, the different actions that the connector uses and limitations to be aware of.

[ November 1, 2020 by Juan Antonio Tomás 0 Comments ]

Take your Dyn365FO Build Pipelines to the next level using Azure DevTests Labs

Due to Microsfot’s subscription Tier 1 environments disappearing, Juan Antonio Tomás and Adrià Ariste will show how to deploy a build environment for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations using Azure DevTests Labs. This environment will be deployed and deleted automatically during the pipeline execution. Finally, we’ll compare its benefits and cost differences to other alternatives like Azure-Hosted pipelines or Cloud-Hosted environments.

[ October 30, 2020 by Kaila Bloomfield 0 Comments ]

Dynamics 365 Delivery Principles and Success by Design

In this session Kaila Bloomfield will be covering off what Fast Track mean by “Success by Design” and go into further detail on how customer, partners and Microsoft work together to ensure a successful delivery of Dynamics 365 Finance, SCM, Project Operations or Human resources as part of any organisations wider Technology Transformation. This session will be delivered to provide information to both customers and partners in the middle of or planning to take on the Microsoft ERP solution stack.

[ October 29, 2020 by Mohammad El-Saheb 0 Comments ]

Using Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT)

In this Session we will introduce the powerfull Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT). We will show you how this tool signfically reduces time and cost for the User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) allows customers to define what processes to include in automated testing, utilizing existing Business Process Model (BPM) task recordings, to automatically validate processes performed in D365FO. By the end of the session, attendies will be able to: -comfortably use RSAT tool -successfully utilize chain tests and derived tests.

[ October 29, 2020 by Sukrut Parab 0 Comments ]

Deep dive in to Configurable business documents using word Templates

In this session’s first half you will learn about basic concept of Electronic reporting which includes data model , model mapping, configuration required and how to create your own / modify existing models , report formats etc. as ER is base for configurable business documents in D365 for finance and Supply chain. Later half , we will see how configurable business documents work and in demo will see how to create those using plain word templates and converting those in pdf format.

[ October 29, 2020 by Costin Boldisor 1 Comment ]

Best Practice reviews focused on Non-functional Requirements

When architecting a system with D365F&SCM, D365CE and Azure services, there are many hundreds of “best practice” tips an architect or developer needs to consider. It is therefore really easy to lose track or why some things are done, there can be conflicts between tips and the benefit is not evident. We have developed a methodology for structuring best practices documents around nine NFRs relevant for Dynamics 365 projects (e.g. debuggability, ALM, cost, testability), regrouped recommendations from hundreds of sources (mostly Microsoft and MVPs) and fed it into a survey used on projects to regularly assess the adherence to best practices and make clear recommendations.

[ October 28, 2020 by Paul Heisterkamp 0 Comments ]

How to export your FinOps data to ADLS Gen2 and query it with Azure Synapse like a superhero

In this session I want to demo how to export data from F&O to Azure DataLake Storage Gen2. Depending on the status of the preview, I’m showing the process with Azure Data Factory or with the final solution by using data feeds inside F&O. The second part of the session will be a demo on how to query the data with Azure Synapse like a superhero. I will show how to create the views for the tables in Azure Synapse and also how to create the views for data entities in Azure Synapse.

[ October 28, 2020 by Rachit Garg 0 Comments ]

Solution Architect Toolkit For D365 FinOps Projects

This Session is aimed for Solution and Technical Architects. I will talk about key solution blueprint components, tools and frameworks available in D365 F&O platform for implementation projects, key drivers for successful go live and project roll out strategies from Architecture perspective. The topics and best practices will covered will be across topics like Frameworks ( Batch, Number Sequence, Print Management etc.) , Security, Integrations, Data Migrations , Environment planning, ONE version update strategy and Testing strategies which a solution architect deals on day to day basis.