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Logic Apps pricing and basic building blocks

Connect your business-critical apps and services with Azure Logic Apps, automating your workflows without writing a single line of code. In this session you will learn the pricing structure of Azure Logic Apps which is really important as a product owner or partner to plan the implementation journey. You will see how and where to start building Logic Apps. Also, get some starting tips that will help you to quickly build integration basic building blocks.

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Microsoft Keynote for Global Automation Bootcamp 2021

We are thrilled the Global Automation Bootcamp Keynote is delivered by Kent Weare,  Principal Program Manager Lead – Power CAT at Microsoft

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Make PowerShell A Real Solution in 5 Steps

Wait, isn’t PowerShell a great solution already? Let me explain 🙂 We all love PowerShell because it’s an awesome framework for automating recurring tasks. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could take your code and delegate the script execution to help desk teams and end users in a secure and easy way? In this session I will show you how you can use ScriptRunner to simplify the way you develop, manage and delegate PowerShell scripts for Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365 and Azure in 5 steps:

1. Centralize your PowerShell scripts, including Git sync

2. Secure credentials and permissions management, including password server support

3. Automatically create a web GUI and portal widgets

4. Monitor all PowerShell activities with a flexible dashboard

5. Delegate script execution to helpdesk teams and end users

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Automating Dynamics 365 CE deployments using PowerShell Scripts

In this session, I will explain how we can automate the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 CE Solutions using PowerShell Scripts

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UI Automation (Selenium + Frameworks + BDD + API + Maven + TestNG)

Session is about QA Automation and Different Tools and Technologies we use for it. Key topics to be covered is Selenium + Programming Language + BDD + Framework Approach + POM + Cucumber/SpecFlow/Jasmin Intro + API Testing Understanding. As Trainer and Mentor in Automation, Going to guide you and clear your doubts on which tools to use and which framework to develop for your Application.

[ February 1, 2021 by Anna Jhaveri 0 Comments ]

Implementing Teams Approvals using Power Automate

Traditional business processes may have user to approve via email or via web pages. But with modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, you can implement your business processes to get approvals from users within Microsoft Teams. Learn from this session on various ways on how to implement approvals within Microsoft Teams using Power Automate. You will also learn some tips and tricks to develop your flows in better and manageable ways.

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Nintex Onprem to Power Platform Migration – Lessons Learned

When migrating from SharePoint on-prem to SharePoint online, if you are using Nintex in the on-prem sites, you can consider moving the forms and workflows to Power Platform while migration. In this session I will share our lessons learned while migrating form Nintex forms and workflows to Power Platform and few points that should be considered while making a decision of moving to Power Platform

[ February 1, 2021 by Michael Mintz 0 Comments ]

Testing web and mobile apps on Microsoft Edge with Python and Selenium

Learn how to use Python and Selenium to automate web and mobile tests on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. This session is based on a blog post that I wrote in 2020: “Bringing new life into Edge Selenium Tools” – https://dev.to/mintzworld/bringing-new-life-into-edge-selenium-tools-5b25 In this session, you will learn about a tool called SeleniumBase, which is a Python library that simplifies Selenium WebDriver by giving you a complete test framework that integrates with it. SeleniumBase takes care of tedious tasks such as driver management, test creation, test organization, and test reporting. SeleniumBase also enhances the Selenium WebDriver APIs to prevent flaky tests.

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Star Trek: The next generation of the Web Parts

When we think of technological processes that provide intellectual devices to machines, we usually think of Artificial Intelligence. In short, the ability of machines to “think for themselves” and perform tasks independently – or at least without direct participation of humans. However, when it comes of the development of applications focused on the user as opposed to the execution of a function by the machine, we’ve the Cognitive Services. Something very close to what we saw in futuristic series like the Star Trek. Well, actually, much more advanced. With SPFx, Power Platforms and Cognitive Services that future is now!

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Azure Functions & Open API integration for Power Platform

Justin Yoo is a Cloud 🥑 at Microsoft, ex-Microsoft MVP, Serverless Fanboy, Integration-Driven Development and will be presenting “Azure Functions & Open API integration for Power Platforms”