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Keyless authentication using Azure Managed Identity

A common challenge when building cloud integrations is how to manage the credentials needed by your code to authenticate with cloud services. Azure solves this problem by providing a way to securely authenticate with any service that supports Azure AD authentication, without having to store any credentials in your code. In this session, you will learn • What Azure Managed Identity is • How to enable and configure Azure Managed Identity to gain access to other Azure resources • How to use Azure Managed Identity in Azure Functions and Logic Apps to call Azure AD backed APIs such as SharePoint Online and the Microsoft Graph • How to configure your local machine for developing with Azure Managed Identity

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Sentiment Analysis with Power Automate Desktop

This session follows to share how to use text analytics with Power Automate Desktop and use the results to add in into a desktop application.

Unify and Act on Continuous Integration Logs with Azure Automation and Monitor

This session will discuss how to expand, extract, consolidate and analyze popular continuous integration runner logs. The session will begin by detailing the structure of a run to familiarize the components and terminology. Next, we look at setting up and invoking automation webhooks using GitHub and Azure DevOps. Finally, we explore unification of logs to assist with visualization and analysis as well as additional proactive actions.

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PowerShell And Power Automate – Your New Favorite Duo!

Unlike PowerPoint, PowerShell can be a great tool to aid you both in managing Power Automate flows, but also by offering additional functionality which can greatly increase the possibilities of a flow or even simplify existing Flows. The potential are near endless and Jaap will lead you through some of the options that should be top of mind to anyone looking to use PowerShell in a Power Automate context. Join this session to get the insight into the inner workings of the different methods that PowerShell can be used to make Power Automate an even more flexible solution. Explore the opportunities for automation that this brings to the table as this session will contain many technical explanations and demos that allows you to hit the ground running with this hit duo.

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Adapt, Improvise, Overcome – Augment Power Automate Connectors with Graph API

When working with Power Automate the Office 365 connectors provide an easy way to interact with the various services. But what do you do when there is data, an attachment, or any kind of additional information that you would like to retrieve, that is not supported? You could raise an issue to have the Connector improve, which is a great idea. But there is an alternative that will give you access to that data now: The Microsoft Graph API. In this session we will dive into practical examples of how you can integrate and automate even more by combining the best of Power Automate and the Microsoft Graph API. From creating your first Graph API enhanced flow, including what needs to be configured in Azure, to building out an advanced workflow where all data in Office 365 is at your fingertips.

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Continuous UI Testing for the Power Platform

Implementing UI tests for the Power Platform can help you improve quality and release more frequently. This session will show you some of the best practices and techniques for executing your test cases as part of the your pipelines. This will ensure that tests are executed regularly and team gets instant feedback.

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Empower your Power Platform projects with PowerShell

PowerShell is a very powerful platform for automation. Specifically PowerShell can help you automate many of the development, admin and ALM tasks for the Power Platform. This session will provide you with an introduction to PowerShell Scripts and Modules. We will explore some of the main PowerShell modules for the Power Platform. And most importantly we will cover some of the scenarios where you can use PowerShell including using scripts and modules as part of your pipelines.

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Transformation of Service Operations via Hyperautomation – RPA

This session provides an overview and key components of Hyperautomation and emphasizes on RPA with a detailed case study of the current situation of employee re-boarding post COVID relaxation.

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RPA with Desktop Flow

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables users to automate repetitive task even if APIs are not available. Desktop Flow is Microsoft offering to create RPA bots. This session covers the basics of RPA like introduction, types and understanding of the market. See how quickly one can get started with Desktop RPA and demos of some recent developments.

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Automation – Azure Function(Blob Trigger) and Dynamics 365 CRM Use Case

The purpose of this session is to demonstrate automation using Azure function ( Blog trigger) and Dynamics 365 CRM Web Api connectivity. The demo walks audience through the high level solution design diagram, How to set up a blob triggered azure function and Web Api connectivity to Dynamics 365 CRM. This automation helps to avoid human errors as much possible and also saves time of people.