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Automating Microsoft 365 with Power Automate, PowerShell and Azure

In this session, we’ll look at how you can create PowerShell scripts for Microsoft 365 in Azure Automation. We’ll start with what Azure Automation is and how to configure it for Microsoft 365. You’ll also learn some tips and tricks to using Azure Automation with SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Azure AD, and Office 365 services. Once we have Azure Automation set up, we’ll walk you through how you can integrate Power Automate with Azure Automation to run PowerShell scripts for Microsoft 365. To wrap up, we’ll walk through some real-world scenarios where you can tie all the services together to be used for provisioning Microsoft 365 resources as well as managing and reporting on your environment. When you leave this session, you won’t be able to wait to spin up your own environment and start writing PowerShell scripts, creating Flows, and automating every task possible in your own Microsoft 365 environment!

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Power Platform Fundamentals

Microsoft Exam PL-900, Power Platform Fundamentals, has just come out of beta. In this session, we’ll use the PL-900 as a guide as we dive into an overview of the Power Platform within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. We’ll take a look at the platform as a whole included Power Apps, Power Automate (formerly Flow), Power BI, and Power Virtual Agent. Topics included are general administration, security, interactions between the apps, and how to get started using them. We’ll also try to throw in some real-world business scenarios, examples, and demos of where these products might be used, especially with the modern desktop platform. Whether you’re trying to pass the PL-900 exam or want to learn more about the Power Platform basics, I hope you’ll join me for this session!

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Deploying to Azure: Azure DevOps vs GitHub Actions

When it comes to infrastructure as code, Azure DevOps is a great way to bring your resources directly to Azure with the pipelines. It helps you automate the processes around the code so you are always sure your environment is consistent. Two years ago, GitHub announced a new pipeline on the block: GitHub Actions. You are able to deploy to Azure as well, but how do they compare? In this session, we will look at the similarities and the differences between these two tools. How much time does it take to learn, how much management do they require and how do they connect to Azure? Let’s find out which of the two fits your own use case best!

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Automating Azure: Make the portal work for you

So you are settling in with Azure. Creating and managing resources, keeping track with Azure Monitor, Making use of the different IAAS, PAAS and SAAS offerings. To take it all to the next level, let’s consider an environment where you do not need the portal. It is possible to have a complete Azure environment running on automation and code, taking away all manual work and the need for the Portal. The quickest way to start with that? Use the portal. In this talk we take a look at the different types of automation that Azure has to offer for daily tasks, resource creation and maintenance. For each tool, we look at how the portal helps you create your code and what other resources are available to start your own automation journey.

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Reuse Flows connected to SharePoint Lists

When working with SharePoint, Power Automate brings a great set of actions to improve day-to-day processes. Imagine this scenario: you work in a Marketing department with 10 document libraries having the same requirement; every file needs a flow that changes the status and moves it to the Completed folder. At first glance, this might seem like a simple task. However, you would need to replicate the same Flow for each library. What if later on, there is a change in the requirements? Or a new status appears, or we need to add another step to our Flow? Maintaining these Flows can be a challenging task. Let’s see how we can reuse the same Flow for different lists or document libraries.

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Crash Course in JSON, Odata and FetchXML to Succeed with Power Automate Development

Crash Course in JSON, Odata and FetchXML to Succeed with Power Automate Development

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Generating rich document templates using Power Automate

Word templates in Dynamics 365 CE is a great and underappreciated feature. They allow us to define a template and use it to generate documents (Quotes , Account summary etc.) . But they do have drawbacks like only being able to get results from tables directly related to the table that we are running from, not being able to embed dynamic images and more. Thanks to Power Automate. We have word online (business) connector in Power Automate to overcome these limitations and generate rich and dynamics word documents without the need of any coding knowledge.

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Claim processing of Patient using PowerAutomate and PhiCure

We have implemented a solution where we submit claims to PhiCure which is provides eClaim Service then we process the response from PhiCure into the CDS and synchronize with our data.

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Power to the Virtual agent

Creating chatbots in the past was pretty hard, needed quite some coding skills and integrations, took time and were costly. Since a couple of years Microsoft is trying to democratize the creation of chatbots, or virtual agents as they’re better known nowadays, with the Power Platform. In this session we’ll set up a virtual agent and try to take it further.

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SharePoint Document library features using PowerApps and Power Automate

In this session we will see 3 different features – 1. How to navigate through n level folders of a library in PowerApps 2. View document versions in PowerApps 3. How to upload a document to selected folder from PowerApps We will be exploring both PowerApps and Power Automate.