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Reducing .Net Plugin Development with Power Automate

For the past 15 Years iv been responsible for .Net Development required for Dynamics 365 Enterprise projects. In this session I will show you how we can now replace most of your .net plugins and workflow activities using power automate for performing customised operations over complex data relationships, cloning records for Sales Process Automations and Approval, GDPR operations, Data Validations with API’s and more !

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Implementing Microsoft Teams Governance using Power Automate, Microsoft Graph APIs and SharePoint

As the adoption of Teams is increasing along with that have increased the Teams sprawl. One of the methods to avoid the Teams Sprawl is to add the governance policies and automate the Teams creation via the approval process. In this demo-driven session, we will cover how to implement Teams Governance using Power Automate, Microsoft Graph APIs, and SharePoint. You will learn: 1) Microsoft Teams Governance via Automation 2) Automate Microsoft Team Provisioning using Power Automate, Microsoft Graph APIs, and SharePoint 3) Automate Microsoft Team Provisioning using Logic Apps, Microsoft Graph APIs, and SharePoint

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Battle Royal : Azure Logic Apps Vs Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)

Power Automate is built on the top of Azure Logic Apps and offers a comprehensive offering to build low code/no-code automation. Often the developers and architects have to decide which product to use while building automation. In this demo-driven session, we will cover the in-depth the key differences between Logic Apps and Power Automate and their suitable use cases. We will also cover the pricing and the extensibility model. You will learn : Key differences between Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate How to extend Microsoft Flow using Azure Logic Apps Best Practices of Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate

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From a PowerShell script to a Azure DevOps extension with a few thousand installations

Automation is done by so many people and a few of those people try to share there knowledge by building Azure DevOps extensions. This sessions will go into the process of evolving scripts into Azure DevOps extensions and how to maintain them. During this session I will share my experience regarding the extensions I manage.

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Let systems communicate using Azure Integration Services

How do I let my systems talk with each other in the Cloud or, let’s say, in Azure? Well, Microsoft’s answer to that is Azure Integration Services (AIS) – consisting of Logic Apps, API Management, Event Grid, and the Service Bus. With these components, you can build Azure solutions to facilitate communication between on-premise systems, SaaS systems, or Azure services or what is known as integration. AIS allows you to build various integration solutions leveraging different messaging mechanisms and ways of ‘loose coupling.’ Furthermore, AIS can help automate your business processes whether or not in combination with the Power Platform component – Power Automate. In this session, we shall discuss the AIS Components, the options for a solution architecture to allow systems to talk, best practices, real-world use cases, and combining AIS with Power Automate to facilitate business process automation.

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The ins and outs of Sentinel Automation

When using the cloud SIEM, Azure Sentinel, a big part of the configuration is setting up automation. Automation will help you keep the alert spam down and enable SOC analysts to focus on what’s important. During this demo filled sessions, we will go over Playbooks, Functions, Service Principals, DevOps and much more! Next to some tips and tricks, we will also touch on some best practices. This is a must for every Sentinel administrator.

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Solving real-world challenges with Power Automate and Graph API

In this session, I will cover 3 examples of real-world challenges that I solved with the use of Power Automate and Graph API.

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D365 Human Resources and Power Virtual Agents!

– This session focusses on blending the worlds of a HR professional; Dynamics 365 and Power Platform with Power Virtual Agents as a focal point. – We will look at how easy it to create a chat bot and apply to a real world scenario. – Explore specific use cases in the world of Human Resources how Power Virtual Agents can be of help – Explain the advantages of using PVA to create a cool employee experience and improve employee engagement

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Parsing emails to extract business data for use in Power Automate

Session on how to parse data from inbound plain text or HTML emails so that the data within can be used to trigger further action in Power Automate,

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Enhancing Legacy Systems with Power Automate

Examples of how Power Automate can bridge the gap between legacy business applications and the modern API driven world that Power Automate is so good at.