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Take back your time; Let AI do the work for you!

We all have those tasks that keep coming back, taking away from the tasks we really would want to be doing. Maybe it’s writing your hours in different systems for your clients, claiming back your expenses, or typing data from a form into that legacy system. We can’t change the underlying systems, so we are just stuck with this manual effort time and time again… Or are we? What if we could automate these tasks, without the need to change our applications? In this session full of demos you will learn how to use UI Flows to set up your personal RPA helpers, that will take these repeating actions out of your hands. And we will make your flows even smarter, by using the power of Microsoft Cognitive Services to recognize text and images. Together these services allow us to automate all those tedious repeating chores, allowing us to focus on our interesting tasks. And all this using an intuitive UI, without the need to write any code.

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Deep dive in Power Automate tasks re-assignment

Power Automate approvals is a powerful functionality allowing business processes designers to easily assign a task to anyone in the organization and then design process based on the outcomes. Assuming that assigned person will complete a task is bad and can easily lead to failing processes. The built-in option to let assignee reassign a task to someone else is not always sufficient. If you ever found yourself in a situation, where task wasn’t completed because assignee wasn’t able to do it, join me during this session to learn about possible approaches for re-assigning a task. During this session you will learn: * What is the tasks architecture at a CDS level * How the basic re-assign functionality works * How to benefit from timeout and run-after for task re-assignment * How to handle re-assignment when original assignee is out-of-office * How to use custom actions to re-assign tasks Stuck task assignment is a bottleneck in your process. It can’t proceed because it is waiting that one last outcome. Don’t let your tasks wait longer than it’s expected. Become a master of tasks re-assignments!

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Introduction to Microsoft RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology present on the market for couple of years. It helps companies to automate repetitive tasks done by employees or to make integration between systems not having available endpoints. This session will help you to: * Learn what is RPA * Learn what is attended RPA vs. unattended RPA * Discover capabilities of UI flows * Discover capabilities of Power Automate Desktop * Get inspired to use RPA in your processes too! Using RPA helps to increase effectiveness in processes by automation of the most repetitive tasks. It also ensures the tasks are done errorless. UI flows is GA since 1st April 2020 and during Ignite 2020 Microsoft introduced their flagship RPA product: Power Automate Desktop. Join me to learn more about this important technology.

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Microsoft Lists and its usage with Teams and Power Platform

In this session, I will talk in detail about the Microsoft Lists and its features. Further in my session I’ll discuss the integration of Microsoft Lists in teams and it’s usage with respect to Power Platform. I’ll present a industry based demo in my discussion.

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Unleash Power Bots in your Microsoft Teams!

Power Virtual Agent bots are extending Teams in several ways. They can be used to help different organizational units to scale up and to provide employees 24/7 customer service. Usual examples are HR and IT FAQ bots, using conversation to replace forms but there are much more to these bots than meet the keyboard. In this session I am going to dive how Power Virtual Agents can be used to different scenarios that support business processes and integrate other systems to employees chat. This session is about Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate and Approvals in Teams scope, utilizing Project Oakdale capabilities. This session has practical demos and it will provide you information how to get start enhancing bots in your organization. The content is from level 200 to 300. This is a #locode session. Why to attend: learn what is possible with Power Virtual Agents and how you can make your bots better, business process connected and more productive. And perhaps a bit more fun to use as well.

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Microsoft Power Automate: Multi-Level Approvals integrate with Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM

The idea is to Create generic Approval flow using Microsoft Power Automate which is capable to handle multi-level approval process like level 1 of approval or level 3 of approval or level 5 of approval and so on up to Level n. Most interesting part is user can configure Approval Medium. That is When user select Approval Medium field option to Microsoft Outlook then Microsoft Power Automate route the approval process via Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, if user select Approval Medium field option as Microsoft Teams then Microsoft Power Automate route the approval process via Microsoft Teams. To achieve this use case, I have integrated Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM and Microsoft Power Automate to do wonders!

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Leverage AI Builder Capabilities with Power Automate

During this session, I’m going to demonstrate how we can leverage the capabilities of AI using Power Automate. I’m going to talk more about AI Builder with Power Automate. I’m going to demonstrate Receipt Processing, Language Detection, Spam Detection, Form Processing, Category Classification, Prediction, and Lot more things! This would be a complete package where I’m going to demonstrate each thing with detailing.

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Power Automate Mobile Application – All you should know about this

During this session, I will demonstrate the Power of Power Automate with Mobile Application. In Power Automate there are lots of actions that support mobile App. I’m going to get started with an overview of the Power Automate Mobile App in detail. Then, I will represent the top 10 templates and actions that we can leverage to solve some real-life business use cases and scenarios. We will be discussing more Location, Approval, Power Automate buttons, and lots of other capabilities throughout the session.

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Flow Magic

You managed to build a flow and it works. Well done! But does your flow run fast enough? Your flow is running fast but Power Automate is giving you time-outs and throttling errors? Are your processes in need of a bit of flow magic? Join this session and learn how to make sure that your flows never fail and run as fast as they can.

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Intelligent Automation / Hyper Automation with Power Automate

Power Automate is used by over 350,000 organizations each month. This is the largest pool of automation citizen developers worldwide. Most importantly, millions of process and billions of API calls running everyday in environments that are build on Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Compliance Center and Power Platform Admin Center. This session will demonstrate how to move from simple automation to true Enterprise Grade Hyper Automation by combining Power Automate capabilities and expand into the Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and the Azure Cloud to solve simple to complex business challenges This session will include end-to-end demos and product overviews of: – Process Mining (Project Wisdom) – Business Process Management, (Business Process Flows) – Digital Process Automation, (Flows) – Robotic Process Automation (Power Automate Desktop) – Artificial Intelligence (AI Builder) – Unified Governance (Power Platform Admin Center)