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Automating Human Resources using Power Automate!

– This session focuses on understanding how easy it is to connect Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Power Automate – Walk through the life of a Human Resources professional and get to know the manual tasks – Demo and real time implementation of how power automate can automate simple tasks of a HR Professional – Summary of advantages of using Power Automate in your business! – How to learn and become a citizen developer – Microsoft Learn and amazing community content

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Power Platform for Teams – Welcome to Microsoft Dataverse

Microsoft Teams is becoming the hub for workplace collaboration, and with Microsoft Power Apps, Teams can be further customized to bring everything a frontline worker needs within only one application. In this session I’ll show you the new model for create app in Teams: Project Oakdale. Project Oakdale delivers a built-in low code data platform for Microsoft Teams, and provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise grade governance, and one-click solution deployment. Project Oakdale enables everyone to easily build and deploy apps and intelligent chatbots in Teams with Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents.

[ November 1, 2020 by Mariano Gomez Bent 1 Comment ]

Power Platform ALM with Azure DevOps

Join MVP Mariano Gomez in this no-nonsense hands-on session that will show you how to take your Power Platform assets through a formal ALM process, deploying from development, through staging, to production. Learn the role of environments, the benefits of solutions, how to set up Azure Repos for your projects, how to use the Power Platform Build Tools, how to create a Build and Release pipelines.

[ October 31, 2020 by Reza Dorrani 0 Comments ]

Top 10 Flow Expressions to Add to Your Toolset

Power Automate flows have a rich set of actions, but sometimes users just need to do basic operations like getting the current time, adding numbers together, or replacing a part of a string of text. Join this session to learn about 10 powerful expressions that you can add to your toolset to enhance your workflow processes in flows.

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Power Automate Approvals on the go with flow

In this session we will explore the Approval action in flow, approval patterns (sequential, parallel, etc.), approval reminders & escalations with demos, best practices, learning resources & more.

[ October 29, 2020 by Yash Agarwal 0 Comments ]

Overcoming Power Automate Connector Limitations for Dataverse

In this session, I will talk about how users can set up flows to invoke the API to call actions in CDS. We will take a look at extending features currently not offered by the Common Data Service (CDS) current environment or the Common Data Service connectors and see how we can create custom solutions. At the end of the session, attendees will have a better understanding of Power Automate with CDS and how we can extend the CDS connector functionality using custom solutions.

[ October 28, 2020 by Summit Bajracharya 0 Comments ]

Generating PDF Letters/Certificates using Power Automate with Signature

In a non-profit organization where low-income beneficiaries are given different services, the organization provides the printed letters/Certificates to the beneficiaries when they are eligible. The automatic generation of these letters/certificates is a crucial process in these organizations. When you have generated hundreds of these letters/certificates, you need a certain amount of automation. In my session, I will present developing PDF letters with PowerAutomate with the signature input taken via the pen input in a model-driven app. I will demonstrate how we will be creating a template with HTML embedding data from CDS using standard Power Automate. Then convert the HTML into a PDF with multiple letters with the PowerAutomate.