[ September 16, 2022 by Philippe Brissaud 0 Comments ]

Accelerate digital transformation in Financial Services with the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.

In this session, we will discuss how customers and partners will be able to accelerate their digital transformation projects in the financial services industry by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services. We will cover our current capabilities, data models as well as preview components. Philippe is a principal program manager for the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.

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Design Your Room with PowerApps Mixed Reality

Design Your Space is a handy app built on Dynamics 365 and PowerApps. The App uses mixed reality concepts in PowerApps. The designed image of the room could be clicked and uploaded back to D365 which could be linked to the Sales app for invoicing. Key Features : 1. View the Products in 3D 2. Simulate the Product in Real time envionment 3. Make a Buying Decision by getting a Quote 4. Place the Order

[ September 14, 2022 by Devikumari Krishna 0 Comments ]

Accelerator for Healthcare Appointment Automation

Healthcare Appointment Automation This Accelerator is used by patients to place enquiries about doctors and book appointments. BOT enabled accelerator where we can create , reschedule or cancel appointments and make enquiries from BOT as well. Save appointment in calendar by sending an .ics attachment. Key Features of Accelerator: Find a Doctor Make Enquiries List of Services Hospitals and Directions Appointment Booking Feedback Online Payment

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Dynamics 365 education accelerator for higher education

Each industry is unique, and significantly, higher education is different from other verticals, either for universities or community colleges. Dynamics 365 higher education accelerator is structured to address the requirement of the education process and designed by education experts. In the demo, we will present how Dynamics 365 streamline the higher education process for all the stakeholders starting with the students, staff, faculty members and ending with business partners. We will demonstrate how students, through the self-serve portal can have direct access to their courses, interact with education advisors, review their assignments, and submit applications for grants, scholarships and internships. We will also discuss how we can accelerate our higher education implementations by discovering many other university requirements we can build over the accelerator. The potential for higher education is endless. The demo will address the student and education lifecycle from the recruitment phase using Dynamics 365 Marketing down to the application, acceptance and ending with graduation and alumni.