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Create a solution using Power Platform within Microsoft Teams using Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Power Automate.

This session will be focused on how an end user can leverage Microsoft Power Platform capabilities within Microsoft Teams and create an end to end solution using the same.

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M365 Compliance Introduction

A look at the Microsoft 365 Compliance Solutions and how they can benefit your organization. I will provide a high-level overview of the main solutions within the Compliance Centre. This will include the following: – • Microsoft Compliance Manager • Microsoft Information Protection • Data Loss Prevention and EndPoint Data Loss Prevention • Microsoft Information Governance & Records Management • Microsoft Insider Risk Management & Communications Compliance

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Document automation & collaboration – generate D365 documents in MS Teams

Successful projects of any kind are always realized in a team effort. And they often require the creation, storage, and distribution of documents. The D365, M365 applications and especially MS Teams provide the perfect base to capture information and to collaborate on projects. So why not also generate sales quotes, HR documents, contracts, or any other document with data from all your applications without ever leaving the MS Teams environment? In this session you will learn how dox42 does this job for you – including a live demo of the powerful document generation possibilities in MS Teams, SharePoint, D365 CE, FO, BC, Power Automate and Power Apps.

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Using Teams to build an innovation and collaboration culture in your organisation

Teams is the place where people come to work but we need to move them beyond just chat and meetings to get the most value from the platform. By bringing our line of business apps and our business processes into teams we can vastly improve employee experience and productivity. In this session we look at the opportunities for solving business problems at all levels, from native Microsoft apps such as Lists, to automation and low-code apps in Power Platform through to opportunities for developers to build line of business app integrations in Teams.

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Best practices for D365 Document Management with SharePoint Online

In this session, we will see how we can integrate Dynamics 365 CE with SharePoint Online for Document Management and what are the best practices to secure those documents in SharePoint Online.

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Microsoft Viva – A Plain Speaking Overview

Microsoft designates Microsoft Viva as an “Employee Experience Platform”. In this session we’ll be looking past the jargon and marketing to see what the tools in the platform offer, how they build on what you already have in Microsoft 365 and how you can deploy them into to your tenant including – What is Viva & how does it fit with what we already have? – Licensing the Viva tools – Getting Started – Deploying the Viva tools – Recent Updates Announced

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Microsoft Teams: Usability vs Security

End-users have adopted Teams and love the freedom to work and collaborate in the open with colleagues, customers and partners alike. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool for supporting cross-functional and even cross-organisational collaboration, but its openness introduces concerns about unfettered file and data sharing between an unlimited number of users. Historically, often, effective security came at the expense of usability. And usability came at the expense of security. Many continue to go by the notion that there is no way to achieve both effective security and usability simultaneously – but with Microsoft Teams, and the wider M365 security and compliance capabilities, it can be possible to achieve secure collaboration. In this session, we will take you through some of the requirements and challenges that your Teams users typically have. After attending this session, you will understand at a high-level: • Some of the key use-cases for Microsoft Teams and some the key risks it introduces • What are the fundamental technical components that Microsoft Teams builds upon • Where does Microsoft security responsibilities end and yours begin • An action plan of what you can do today to better secure your Microsoft Teams instance without affecting productivity • The licensing implications of the above

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Github Notifications in MS Teams with GitHub Actions and Power Automate Flow

In this session we will look at how to use GitHub Actions to post all the open issues (that are marked as P1) on to a Teams channel and then send a mobile notification about the same. We will start with a demo and then we will look at the GitHub workflow which gets all the P1 issues and calls a Power Automate flow which ultimately posts a message in a Teams channel. We will also have a look at the details of the GitHub Action used for this and go through the process of creating a GitHub Action. Attendees will take away resources and code that you will undoubtedly use as a developer and IT Pro.

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D365 x Microsoft Teams

In this session I will share the different experiences of how D365 can be used with Microsoft Teams within a Sales and Customer Service context and the considerations to be made when using them. We will provide a demo of: – D365 embedded into Teams – Teams embedded into D365

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Power Automate and SharePoint – Best Practices & Tips

Process automation with Power Automate is a game changer and it’s integration with SharePoint is rapidly evolving. We will walk through best practices and things you should know to take full advantage of the SharePoint connector in Power Automate. Learn how you can go beyond the standard SharePoint actions and power-up your flows!