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Microsoft Planner Automation with Power Automate

Join this session to learn the basics of Microsoft Planner and how you can automate task management using Power Automate. I will show you a live example with tips and tricks.

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Integrate SharePoint with Power BI

In this session, we will learn the basics of Power BI and new feature of Integrating Power BI with SharePoint.

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Integrate Power BI with Power APPS

In this session, we will discuss about how to integrate Power BI with Power APP in an interactive way.

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SharePoint List Formatting Basics

Join this session to learn the various formatting options available for SharePoint / Microsoft Lists. We will explore column formatting, view formatting, and look at the new form formatting options to enhance the list experience. All of this with live demos, samples and more.

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SharePoint sites and MS Teams governance

SharePoint sites and MS Teams governance aims to help information owners provide the right information to the right audience, at the right time, securely which includes, Identifying sites that are no longer in use, Reviewing who has access to the site Simplifying site security. In this session, I will be presenting the outcomes of the governance implementation, key challenges, and how we resolved those challenges. In Addition, the lessons learned from the implementation.

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Introduction to SharePoint Syntex

SharePoint Syntex, its first product coming from Project Cortex, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through organizational data and gather insights that can be automated into processes. Project Cortex is a Microsoft 365 solution, with SharePoint as a principal component. SharePoint Syntex uses advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing, and transform content into knowledge. SharePoint Syntex then uses your models to automate the capture, ingestion, and categorization of content, extracting valuable information as metadata In this session will be showed how is possible create models and how is possible to use them for a typical form processor scenarios.

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Microsoft Teams and On-Premises Mailboxes – Troubleshooting 101

Microsoft Teams supports using on-premises Exchange mailboxes. Connecting Teams to your on-premises Exchange organization has dedicated requirements. When using the personal calendar, or when creating meeting invites as a delegate you might encounter technical issues. In this session, I talk about the technical requirements and dependencies and demonstrate troubleshooting steps for Microsoft Teams using on-premises mailboxes.

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Microsoft Teams and On-Premises Mailbox – Why?

Microsoft Teams works with on-premises Exchange mailboxes. But there are some caveats you might not know about, but might make you re-think your approach of staying on-premises with Exchange Server. Microsoft Teams is not the only Microsoft 365 service utilizing an Exchange mailbox as a storage container. In this session, I talk about the pros and cons of using Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 workloads while keeping your users’ mailbox on-premises.

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Building real-time processes and notifications on Microsoft 365 with webhooks

Keep informed the end-user in real-time with new changes by displaying notifications. In this session, we will explore how to leverage the capabilities of SharePoint and Graph API webhooks, in order to trigger your business processes. We will see how to subscribe webhooks and automatically renew the subscription, we will see several scenarios using SharePoint Framework, Power Automate, and Azure Function with webhooks.

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Taking Microsoft Teams to the next Level

In this session, we will see the various possibilities that, there are to extend Microsoft Teams. We will talk about how to take advantage of tabs, extensions, connectors, and how to integrate services in order to customize Teams to your needs, increasing its functionality in your company. We will see several use cases like a SharePoint Framework solution and custom Web App integrated as a tab and personal app, how to customize the new Approvals App through Power Automate and finally how to build your personal space in Teams.