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Prado da silva

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Joining to learn

joining sessions to learn new aspects of the dataverse to support in project development

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Battle of the Apps: Canvas vs Model

Outcomes for the session: 1. Help Power Apps Makers learn more about the differences between canvas apps and model-apps 2. Help makers decide when to use canvas vs model – or BOTH! 3. Challenge the “battle” between canvas and model apps. Using one or the other is largely determined by the requirements, not because one is better than the other 4. Depending on audience experience, I’ll show my preferred method of using canvas and model together (involves iFrame, so may skip if audience is generally beginner)

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ALM for DataVerse Data

Data is the core part of all solutions. Having a consistent and reliable approach for managing different types of data across your environments is key to ensure data integrity and successful solution delivery. This session will show you how to extend your ALM processes to manage data and implement repeatable data management processes using the latest automation tools and best practices.

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Learn Identity and Access Management with Azure AD

Identity and Access Management is very important for all organization’s. This session will demonstrate the service provided by Azure AD for creating, managing and monitoring identities and access.

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Code Analytics for Power Platform Development

Apply best practices for your power platform projects, focused on hands on development. Topics: – Importance of a stable plugin base infrastructure – Domain project (early bound entities) – Common coding issues – Solution structure for enterprise scale projects – Performance Topics During the session an enterprise ready project setup will be created which fulfills all large-scale requirements. Based on the created project setup we will do a deep dive into code analytics to detect bad patterns • Potential Plugin Loops • Performance leaks • Schemaname typos • Detect stateful plugins

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Security in Microsoft Dataverse

This session is to give an overview regarding how security is handled in Dataverse

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Everything about Dataverse Plugin Project!

In this demo session, we will learn how to develop a plugin project to be more testable, readable, usable, and debuggable. We will also learn how to implement logging through feature flags and decorator-pattern for scenarios like round-up calculation for the Money data type.

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Azure Functions – a powerful app for Dataverse

In this session you will learn two ways of integrating Dataverse with Azure Functions 1. Creating an Azure Function for web hooks in Dataverse 2. Azure Function as an API with managed identity

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Dataverse + Power Apps + Code Components = a winning formula for enterprise grade low-code solutions

In this session, Rahan will be showcasing how citizen developers can fuse together Power Apps, Dataverse and ready-made code components to rapidly automate the enterprise at scale. Learn how Dataverse provides a robust and flexible backbone to handle your data, no matter where it originates, and how Power Apps with code components elevate your solutions to another level. The session will comprise of many demos which are aligned against mainstream enterprise use cases.