[ September 27, 2022 by Roberto Corella 0 Comments ]

Virtual Tables: Share your Business Central tables in Dataverse

In this session, you will learn in an easy way, how to create virtual tables (formerly virtual entities) to publish your Business Central information to Dataverse and how to create a Canvas Power app based on this information.

[ September 26, 2022 by Kanwal Khipple 0 Comments ]

Connecting Dataverse in Power Pages

attend this session to learn more about how dataverse content can be used in Power Pages. we will go through the best practices, practical example and walk away with knowledge related to the pros/cons.

[ September 26, 2022 by Michael Megel 0 Comments ]

Let’s connect: Dataverse Virtual Tables and Business Central

Wondering how to access data in Business Central from Dataverse? There are a many ways to combine these two worlds. Join my session to learn how quickly you can connect and transfer data using either connectors or virtual tables.