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Model driven power apps integration with Microsoft Business Central

Model driven power apps integration with Microsoft Business Central

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Hooked to PCF — React Hooks in PCF development —

When you write PCFs using React, do you prefer class components or functional ones? I prefer the functional components and React Hooks, and I would like to share with you why. Optimization and performance in that context are important too! We’ll have a look.

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Power Apps (Canvas) – Monitoring with Azure Insights

In this session, I will speak about how to monitor the Power App usage, which navigation path of your app is most used by end users? How to trouble shoot the performance issues with your app?

Debug and test plugins, workflows, and security locally!

Want to be able to debug your plugin code and forget all about plugin-traces? Want to be able to create tests which can validate that your implemented business logic works as intended – including what you wrote several years ago? XrmMockup is a test-framework that can simulate your D365 environment locally, along with any plugin and workflow code you have. I will be going through how to set up XrmMockup, how it works and what exactly it is capable of. With XrmMockup you can perform unit- and integration tests of your D365 pipeline. XrmMockup automatically runs plugins and workflows in the right order, even automatically triggering other plugins and workflows. At the same time, the security model of D365 is enforced just as it would be in your live D365 system. I will showcase XrmMockup by implementing some simple business logic using test driven development.

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Working with Power Apps Galleries

Join this session to learn how to leverage the Gallery control in Power Apps. A Gallery control can show multiple records from a data source, and each record can contain multiple types of data. We will cover building galleries, connecting to forms, filtering galleries, styling galleries and much more with demos & best practices.

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Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Join this session to learn how to leverage the built-in, low-code data platform capability (Microsoft Dataverse) for Teams and enable everyone to easily build and deploy Apps for Microsoft Teams.

Reduce API calls with Power Automate expressions

We need to be more diligent while creating Power Automate flows because each and every user license has its own limited number of API calls. The best maker should always create a flow within these limits. In this session, we will know how to avoid unnecessary API calls step by step.

Debugging and Monitoring in PowerApps

It is always important to know how to debug a App as a maker, in this session you will learn how to debug canvas and model-driven app. How to debug a canvas app deployed in UAT & production.

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The Rebirth of Virtual Entities

It’s been a while since you heard of virtual entities, but with the latest update, they are back in action with some amazing additions. Join the session if you want to learn when and why to use virtual entities in the first place or maybe you are familiar with the concept, but you want to learn how to build custom data providers that can perform full CRUD operations on your data stored in some other system directly from your model-driven app.

Power Apps designs and Formatting with a Conditional Statement

This session will focus on designing and formating canvass app properties with an if statement and nested IFS and to discover how to customize the design to fit your brand, add images and buttons, validate user data, and auto-populate form fields.