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Building Solid skills in Liquid

Deep Dive into Power Pages/Portals Markup language

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Get on the same Page! A Power Pages intro

Tour of Power Pages Design Studio and Internals

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Success Tips from Power Pages CATs

Planning a Power Pages project? Learn what we learned from top customers we work with in Power CAT (Customer Advisory Team) @ Microsoft. We’ll talk about best ways to be successful in your project as a customer or as an implementer. Projects Tips, Understanding Roadmap, Considering Going Live or Live? All will take something away from this session.

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Power Apps all basic functions

Power apps all basic and mostly used functions. All frequently used integrations. Power automate frequently and real life used flows example

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Amazing New features for model-driven apps

Model-driven apps have long been available for Dynamics 365 CRM customers only. Now, a Power Apps license is sufficient to enjoy the benefits of Dataverse and Model-driven apps. In this session, we will see the huge potential of the new features dedicated to model-driven apps. We will discuss the new Command Designer, Custom Pages, In-app notifications and much more …

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Robotics process automation using power automate

Buildings robotics process automation with power automate desktop

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A Few More Clicks To A Beautiful Power App.

A guide to creating beautiful screens in canvas applications using native Power App features and functionality. Also a curated list of design inspiration and resources that will guide into creating beautiful Power Apps. The session will address the importance of beauty in App development and how much of it is necessary to creating a product that is a balance between form and function.

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Deep dive of Power Apps

PCF; custom connectors; Ai builder; Reusable component use case

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How to Create Business Logic and Reporting with Model Driven Apps

This session will show how to implement business logic with model driven apps using  Business Rules and  Business Process Flows, as well as showing how to overcome some reporting limitations using views and FetchXML

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Menu Navigation and Ribbon customizations in model driven apps

In this session will be covering how to customise the menu and ribbon button customisation and How to a add button in model driven app. * How to enable or hide button using enable or disable rules. * How to trigger a JavaScript using commands .