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Tips & Tricks for creating efficient Flows in Power Automate

In this session, I will talk about tips and tricks for creating efficient flows in Power Automate. The session includes items like workarounds, tips for debugging and resolving errors in general and with specific connectors. At the end of this session, attendees will have a better understanding on how to use the additional settings and options on actions and triggers when building flows.

[ December 9, 2021 by Yash Agarwal 0 Comments ]

Automate contracts with Power Automate and DocuSign

In this session, I will demonstrate how to integrate Power Automate and DocuSign to automate contract creation and management. We will take a look at creating word templates, populating that with dynamic data from SharePoint and then sending it over for signing with Power Automate and DocuSign. We will also go over the process of adding custom tabs and fields for the end user to fill up while signing the DocuSign document. At the end of this session, attendees will have a much better understanding of integrating third party services and setup a fully automated contract management workflow.

[ December 8, 2021 by Devikumari Krishna 0 Comments ]

Power Automate Connectors for Social Media Integration

In this session I will cover Connectors and custom flows to enable social media integration.

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Power Automate – The Power of Child Flows

Want to truly have reusable flows? Does your run history look chaotic? Trying to troubleshoot a bulky flow can be a pain. Using child Flows solves all this plus more! In this session we will look at: – Why use child flows – Best practices when implementing child flows – Scenarios with demos – Current limitations – Q&A By the end of this session you will be able to confidently apply and use child flows within your automations.

Getting Started with Custom Connector in Power Platform

As per the business requirement if there is no connector that is available readily to be used in Power Platform then we can leverage the option of creating custom connector so that custom logic can be reused across different apps like Canvas Apps And Power Automate . Custom connector can be created in many ways starting from creation of Azure Functions, Azure Web Apps, Azure API Apps, in this demo I will be using Azure Functions that can be built on Azure Portal and then create custom connector ,test it in online and then use it in Canvas App and Power Automate.

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Getting started with Custom Connectors

In this session, we will learn how to get started with custom connectors. In the process of the presentation, we will build a custom connector from scratch. I will pinpoint some findings I had during recent creations of different custom connectors. After the session you will have a clear understanding of what custom connectors are, what they are used for and how to create your own.

[ December 6, 2021 by Matt Weston 0 Comments ]

Removing the human from Teams creation

Microsoft Teams solves a number of issues, but also brings with it numerous challenges which need to be handled otherwise the normal issues of shadow IT, legacy working practice etc all strive to work against your Teams implementation. When we talk about Governance, usually the first point that is raised is to remove the user self-service provisioning capability. But what do you replace it with? An IT Service Desk process? Or do we look at how automation can help us to manage our Teams more effectively. Within this session we will look at the tools we have available and how we can build processes using our various automation capabilities including Power Automate, Logic Apps and Azure Automation.

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Powering up Processes with Power Automate

Recently I was working through a process and it took me hours. The further I got in, the more I thought “Why am I doing this manually?” So rather than spending the time manually processing, I spent the time automating, and now I have an employee onboarding process which will take minutes of my time rather than hours. In this session I’ll share with you my thought process and how I built my solution including electronic signatures.

[ November 24, 2021 by Yves Habersaat 0 Comments ]

Power Automate vs Logic Apps: what to use?

In this session, we’ll highlight the key differences between Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps with use cases based on my profesionnal experience. We’ll cover topics like licensing model, creation, restrictions, trigger types, error handling and many more!

[ November 23, 2021 by Sandro Pereira 0 Comments ]

How to monitor your integrations solutions with Automation Account

In this session, we will address how you can monitor your integrations solutions using Azure Integration Account running PowerShell Runbooks and Logic Apps to notify inconsistencies in your solutions.