5 DAX Tips that You Should Know

In this session, I’ll be showing us 5 DAX tips that every Power BI developer should always remember; • What’s DAX (Data Analysis Expression)? • Tip 1: Reduce number of calculated columns in your model • Tip 2: Use variables in your DAX formulas • Tip 3: Use the DIVIDE function to perform a division • Tip 4: Format your DAX codes for readability • Tip 5: Your model should have a calendar table • Demo Session

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Integrate Power BI report with Dynamics 365 HR

Hello, In this session, We will see how to create a leave and absence report for Dynamics 365 HR and embed it in Dynamics 365 HR.

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Security in Power BI

Row-level security Static method Dynamic method

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Learn DAX Basics

This session will walk you through DAX basics concepts, even though people writing DAX for many years just ignore these basics and only rely on hit & try method; Learn DAX basics includes most powerful DAX functions; CALCULATE, SWITCH, SUM, SUMX, FILTER We will walk through different exercise how powerful these functions are and how simple it is to translate complex business logic into DAX

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5 Fascinating principles to get things done

In this session, I’ll show you 5 principles that might be holding you back from getting things done. Warning: Just by knowing these you might be able to relate to previous situations, recognize them and start taking action, making yourself more confident, productive, and happier.

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“DAX” for the SQL Guy

Love it or hate it, you just can’t ignore DAX, the amazing language of Power BI. If you know SQL, I’ll show you how similar DAX can be, and how you can quickly understand the foundation of DAX, write DAX Queries, test your code and share it with others. All this on the Browser, no need for any installation!

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Power BI Monitoring 101

Do you know EXACTLY who is the most active Power BI user in your organization? Do they use Web, Excel or Mobile? Most active report/app? Self-service adoption rate? Does your users with a paid license are active? No? Not sure? Be ready for a big reality check.. This session aims to show you how to gather and analyze the required data to answer the questions above.

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Is it better to use DAX calculated columns or Power Query computed columns?

– Both DAX and power query are used to create custom columns in Power BI. Why both exist? When you should choose each of them? – Which one is best for querying semi-structured data? – Which one has better query performance? – How does it work during the delta update? (incremental refresh)

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Implementing an efficient Power BI model within 30 minutes using Tabular Editor

Creating a Power BI data model is easy, it will not take much time or effort to create a Power BI model. On the other hand, creating an efficient, clean data model which adhere to all the best practices is a cumbersome task. However, with Tabular model, that is not the case. In this session, I will demonstrate how to create an efficient data model within 30 min which follow all the best practices.

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Power BI release management with Deployment Pipelines

Moving reports and models between multiple environments has always been a cumbersome operation in Power BI until the introduction of Power BI deployment pipeline. With deployment pipeline you can now move your models/reports from development environment to test and production environments by a single button click. In this session I will provide an introduction to deployment pipelines, how to plan a deployment, configure dataset rules and best practices for deployment pipelines.