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Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners – Aroh Shukla

Introduction et présentation de la solution power bi

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Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners

Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners

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Benefits of community to Power BI

We shall be looking at the roles and the importance of communities to power bi development and how it has impacted individuals in the learning journey and even professionals to solve vital issues

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Power BI boot camp

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I cannot attend

Help attending the bootcamp

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Power BI

Modellering, Azure, Data mini, Azure

Understanding Power BI Report Builder

Paginated report is now very easy to create and deploy. The descendant of SSRS is Power BI Report Builder. We can build paginated report and deploy on Web or report server with easily in a matter of minutes

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Data in Space – Augmented Reality in power BI App

An introduction to Power BI Augmented Reality Capabilities using Power BI Mobile App Create and link Spatial Anchor account Create spatial anchors using Power BI AR scanners Scan the area to find and use Spatial Anchors

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Analyzing Data with Power BI

This Session introduces Data Modeling Fundamentals to help you get started with Reporting in Power BI;

– Cardinality and types
– Cross Filter direction
– Column property
– Hide columns
– Calculated column
– Create measure
– Create Date Table

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Dynamic X-axis change based on Field parameters

In this session you will learn about how to change the dynamically the x-axis using the new feature using field parameters in power bi. where enduser/business users they can change and observe the trend dynamically