[ August 9, 2022 by Arpit Shrivastava 0 Comments ]

Extend PowerApps Portals

In this session, I’ll be discussing about some useful coding/customization tips for developers to extend the portal functionality based on some live project experiences. For example, design lookup editor controls, design custom model popup, customize default table list, forms, profile page, integrate portal with external websites, customize authentication process and much more!

[ August 9, 2022 by Arpit Shrivastava 0 Comments ]

PowerApps Portal ALM and CI/CD Deployment

In this session, I’ll be discussing about Power Apps portals ALM and deployment process using PowerApps CLI and Power Apps Portals Build Tools. Portal now supports Microsoft Power Platform CLI to enable Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) of portal configuration. You can now check-in the portal configuration to source control and move portal configuration to any environment using Microsoft Power Platform CLI. If you want to automate your portal deployment using Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline, you can use PowerApps Portals Build Tools. This tool empowers developers to enable CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) of portal configuration. You can use this tool to check-in the portal configuration to source control and move portal configuration to any environment using Power Apps CLI.

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Identifying portal requirements from pre-sales for Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform projects

When we analyse our customers’ processes and requirements, and move to the stage of proposing a solution, we must consider all the possible solutions we can offer. For this, we have to be able to correctly identify what these possible solutions are, their dependencies and constraints. In this session, we will discuss how to identify the need for a Power Pages portal, both for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects.

[ August 4, 2022 by Ashish Gupta 0 Comments ]

Authentication and User Management in Portals

Setting up authentication is a core customization in any portal. Simplified identity provider configuration in Power Apps portals provides in-app guidance for identity provider setup and abstracts setup complexities. Makers and administrators can easily configure the portal for supported identity providers. In this session I and Arpit will be discussing about various authentication methods of portals like Azure AD B2C, B2B, Azure AD and other external identity provider. This session will also help you understand various approaches to migrate portal identity providers and allow existing users to provide portal access through invitation.

[ July 24, 2022 by Ritika Agarwal 0 Comments ]

Empower your Business Applications with Power Pages

In this session, I am going to talk about the integration between Dataverse and Power Pages and how the developers can leverage the power of the Microsoft Power Pages to introduce functionality and security into their enterprise level applications. This session will also include topics around the security and licensing bits to understand what things to consider before building the Power Pages application. After this session, the attendees will have a better understanding of accessing data securely over the network.

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Build intuitive User Experience with Power Pages

In this session, I am going to talk about how one can get started to build application using Power Pages. The session will include a number of demoes related to the OOTB and custom design approached on web page. The session will be a deep dive to understand the composition framework of the Power Pages. After attending the session, attendees will be able to utilize Power Pages to add the missing magical experience to the business scenario.

[ July 12, 2022 by Kranthi Gullapalli 0 Comments ]

Understanding Security in Power Pages

In this session, we will have an overview of 1. Power Pages Security Overview 2. Configuring Authentication 3. Working with Webroles and Table Permissions

[ July 10, 2022 by Wilmer Alcivar 0 Comments ]

Retrieving information in Power Pages

Join to this session to learn different ways to retrieve information in Power Pages by using Liquid template, Power Automate and the out of the box API.

[ July 10, 2022 by Oleksandr Olashyn 0 Comments ]

Portal/Pages development with VS Code and CLI

Join this session to learn how to use VS Code (with different extensions) and Power Platform CLI to make developing Power Apps Portal / Power Pages easier and more efficient

[ July 9, 2022 by Geoff Ables 0 Comments ]

From Power Portals to Pages

New to Power Pages and Power Portals? Did a bit with Portals but want a refresher and to upgrade your knowledge to Power Pages? This is the session for you. Power Pages are the new kid on the Power Platform block, and may eventually replace Power Portals. But both still exist. In this session you’ll learn the fundamentals of both Power Portals and Power Pages – and the role the Dataverse plays in both. In this session we will look at the many different options for information sharing portals, discuss the pros and cons of each, and help you to make an informed decision about your portal – including if it should be integrated with your Dynamics 365 solution or not. You will also learn how to quickly spin up a portal from a template, and how to customize a portal through a series of short demos that you can refer back to later. Key Takeaways: • An introduction both Power Portals and Power Pages • A review of 5+ portal options • Portals, the Dataverse and Dynamics – the role each plays • Portal integration options