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Make your Business Central Smarter. Simple. Quickly. Cheap.

In this session I will show you the ways of embedding Machine Learning techniques to Business Central extensions. We will cover “AL-Only”,”APIs-Ready-To-Go” and “Custom-Python-Azure-Functions” ways of making Business Central Smarter.

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Understanding Business Central Master Data for QUICK Implementations

Master data is an integral part of Business Central and a successful implementation begins at the master data level. This session will provide an end to end understanding on how to build, upload & scrub the Business Central master data.

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Start your learning journey with Dynamics 365 Business Central!

Are you planning to start exploring what Business Central is all about ?? Are you already engaged in the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want to expand your knowledge by learning D365 Business Central ?? Join my session where I share my learning journey with you, resources I use to learn and community forums and blogs that help me!

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How to be a hero migrating data to Business Central (without coding)

“The data migration phase of a project can consume up to 30% of the total project resources” Join this session to learn the best practical tips to be a hero migrating data to Business Central. All based on Hands-on method without coding.

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In this session, we will understand What is required while transition from C/AL To AL Development and why its required. We will cover software required and why each software required.

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Extending CDS using Azure functions

Extending CDS using Azure functions

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Managing Microsoft 365 through Graph API with PowerShell and Power Automate

In this session we look at Microsoft Graph API. One of your best friends when you are doing Microsoft 365 automation. This session addresses how you can utilize Microsoft Graph API with PowerShell for administrative tasks, both with and without the existing PowerShell modules. I share my experience using Graph API to automate Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune. We will also have a look on how Microsoft Graph API can be implementet with Power Automate for user self service. How can we utilize the Microsoft Graph Explorer tool to plan for our automation? What if the operation we want to automate isn’t yet implemted in Graph API?

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Business processes automation using Microsoft Power Platform

The Power Platform as we know it today offers a wide range of tools not only to discover and understand better processes, but also to fully automate them, regardless of whether they happen exclusively in the cloud or on local users’ machines. This session will help you to: * Learn how to discover processes using Process advisor * Learn what is Power Automate Desktop (RPA), what are Cloud and Desktop flows * Learn how to build end-to-end automated process using Power Platforms components * Get inspired to use Power Platform for your processes too! Automating processes helps to increase effectiveness of organizations. With Power Platform components companies can understand and automate existing workflows, what ensures the tasks are done errorless and faster. Join me to learn more about this important technology.

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Dynamics 365 Finance Operations Microsoft Keynote

We are excited to announce Georg Glantschnig Microsoft General Manager for Finance Will be delivering the Keynote for the D365 FinOps Power Community Summit! Georg will be revealing new announcements to Microsoft Partners and Customers on what to expect from Dynamics 365 Finance in 2021!