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Need to more in power apps and learn about dataverse and api integration

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Working with Dynamics Virtual Tables and Portals

In this session we would learn, how to retrieve the data from a SQL data source into Dynamics 365 using the Virtual Tables feature and additionally we will explore does the Virtual Table updates reflect on portals and can we update back from portal to a Virtual Table

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How to use TypeScript with Model Driven Apps

Looking for migrating to TypeScript

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Personalize Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) which enriches Customer data, generates actionable insights and provides your customers a personalize experience. In this session, we will cover Customer Data Platform Introduction, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (CDP) capabilities, use cases and product walk-through.

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Overview on D365 Field Service Enterprise Implementation

This session will focus on D365 Field Service Implementation for Enterprise customers. We’ll see in detail how FS can be leveraged in different industries and values by building personalised customer experience, empowering your frontline workers, reducing truck roll by optimizing scheduling etc. We’ll also see general good practices in FS enterprise implementations.

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Deciphering the licensing model in your project solution

When we are designing a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution, either from pre-sales or during the project, something that may not be taken into account is the licensing model and yet it is of great importance. In this session we’ll look at the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement licensing model, and discuss some tips for making more scalable solutions that leverage the full power of the platform.

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Omnichannel for Customer Service – New voice channel explained

In this session, Dynamics 365 Customer Services and Call Centre Expert Neil Parkhurst gives a demo of how the new Omnichannel voice channel operates, including a demo of how easy it is to create a voice IVR using Power Virtual Agents.

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Roadmap to Recovery: The Customer Engagement Annual Plan

No one starts their CRM project without a plan. But most companies fail to create a plan that results in success. In fact, 47% of CRM projects fail 2 or more times before organizations get it right. Initial or annual planning for customer engagement is a unique process. This session delivers an annual planning framework for moving your project forward, getting it back on track, or for starting a new project with the right foundation. Learning Objectives · Understand the value of a CRM project and articulate it to management · Create the CRM annual plan · Engage your users and leadership in the planning process · Participate in group planning exercises that you can bring back to your team

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Revenue Engineering: 5 Steps to a CRM-Ready Sales Process

If you want your sales team to increase deal size, decrease cycle length, improve win rates, avoid letting deals slip through the cracks, deliver meaningful forecasts, and continuously improve sales results – then you need a sales process. In this non-technical session you will learn to create a sales process that your users will adopt, your leaders can manage, and that drives measurable results. Attendees will also receive a free copy of the Amazon best-seller: “Revenue Engineering.” Key Takeaways: • Define your first sales process, or capture pointers for refining existing processes • Learn how best-in-class sales teams design processes to align with their buyer’s processes • Develop a process that you can map to your CRM solution • Get your team on board with following the process