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Power Apps deployment

Deployment and go to production

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Prado da silva

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Joining to learn

joining sessions to learn new aspects of the dataverse to support in project development

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CPQ and Beyond with Experlogix Automation for Dataverse

At least for now, documents continue to play an important role in formal communication with customers. Yet, it remains a complex and sometimes even manual task to create and deliver those documents. But does it need to be so complex?

In this session Erwin Buggenhout demonstrates how you or even your business users can create outbound document flows. From the perspective of an end user, a designer and a solution architect, you will see how easy it could be to accomplish document flow automation with Experlogix Smart Flows and Smart Forms.

– Leverage data on the Power Platform, Dynamics 365 or elsewhere to create and deliver documents with no effort and no code.

– Incorporate ad-hoc user input during the document creation process.

– Let your business users design templates with conditional logic and formatting, bar/QR codes, charts and much more in Microsoft Word.

– Visually build automated document flows to deliver documents via e-mail, print or e-sign and store delivered or signed documents in SharePoint, OneDrive or anywhere else.

– Update your Dataverse records based on document flow events and outputs.

– Trigger document flows with a simple click in your first-party or model-driven Power Apps or through Power Automate.

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Dataverse Summit Keynote

We are excited to announce the Microsoft Dataverse Summit Keynote with Director of Microsoft Dataverse Product Management, James Oleinik!


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Battle of the Apps: Canvas vs Model

Outcomes for the session: 1. Help Power Apps Makers learn more about the differences between canvas apps and model-apps 2. Help makers decide when to use canvas vs model – or BOTH! 3. Challenge the “battle” between canvas and model apps. Using one or the other is largely determined by the requirements, not because one is better than the other 4. Depending on audience experience, I’ll show my preferred method of using canvas and model together (involves iFrame, so may skip if audience is generally beginner)

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ALM for DataVerse Data

Data is the core part of all solutions. Having a consistent and reliable approach for managing different types of data across your environments is key to ensure data integrity and successful solution delivery. This session will show you how to extend your ALM processes to manage data and implement repeatable data management processes using the latest automation tools and best practices.

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Learn Identity and Access Management with Azure AD

Identity and Access Management is very important for all organization’s. This session will demonstrate the service provided by Azure AD for creating, managing and monitoring identities and access.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Integrations using Azure Data Factory (ETL) & Logic apps

In this session we will see how ADF can be used to transform data and pass the data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O using Logic apps. We will cover how to create Pipelines, Datasets , Data transformation, configure HTTPs requests in logic apps to receive ADF call .

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Code Analytics for Power Platform Development

Apply best practices for your power platform projects, focused on hands on development. Topics: – Importance of a stable plugin base infrastructure – Domain project (early bound entities) – Common coding issues – Solution structure for enterprise scale projects – Performance Topics During the session an enterprise ready project setup will be created which fulfills all large-scale requirements. Based on the created project setup we will do a deep dive into code analytics to detect bad patterns • Potential Plugin Loops • Performance leaks • Schemaname typos • Detect stateful plugins