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Azure and Containers, the two inseparable friends…

Status: Accepted

Containers are getting widespread really fast, in fact companies are more willing to run their application in a container than a Virtual Machine. Microsoft Azure has been one of the vanguards in the containerization services and we’re proud to let you know that currently we’re the only cloud provider which allows you to not only run your workloads in a container in Azure or your on-premises environment, but also manage it all right from your Azure environment. In this session we will review all the different ways you can run containers in Azure and how easy it is to get started with those. In summary we will cover: * Azure Container Registry * Azure Container Instances * Azure Web Apps for containers * Azure Container Apps * Azure Kubernetes Services * Azure Service Fabric * Azure Red Hat OpenShift * Azure Arc * Azure Kubernetes Engine This is a journey where we start from simple scenarios and work our way towards more advanced scenarios. It’s going to be fun

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Yas Adel Mehraban

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