Dynamics 365 FinOps Community Summit 2021 Fri 15th January

Best Practice reviews focused on Non-functional Requirements

Status: Submitted

When architecting a system with D365F&SCM, D365CE and Azure services, there are many hundreds of “best practice” tips an architect or developer needs to consider. It is therefore really easy to lose track or why some things are done, there can be conflicts between tips and the benefit is not evident. We have developed a methodology for structuring best practices documents around nine NFRs relevant for Dynamics 365 projects (e.g. debuggability, ALM, cost, testability), regrouped recommendations from hundreds of sources (mostly Microsoft and MVPs) and fed it into a survey used on projects to regularly assess the adherence to best practices and make clear recommendations.

Technical Level: 400

Presented By: Costin Boldisor

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