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Building Project Operations PoCs with Power Automate

Status: Accepted

The Project Operations data model is difficult. While a ProjOps consultant should know its data model well, a developer working on a plethora of different D365 1st apps might not know how the ProjOps data model works and what the do’s and don’ts are. Functional consultants can leverage Power Automate to build PoCs for more complex customizations in ways that weren’t possible not long ago. This session will walk you through three PoC scenarios that leverage Power Automate, and it will leave you with knowledge of important considerations on what kinds of scenarios should only be conceptualized with Power Automate, and what should be done in code. How: How to build complex PoCs in Project Operations with Power Automate. What: Theory on important considerations around the event framework and the schedule APIs, as well as in building complex logic with Power Automate. Demo of three different PoC scenarios. Why: Create value as a functional consultant and implement PoCs that don’t depend on code. Learn about the pitfalls of the Project schedule APIs and the importance of transactional consistency.

Technical Level: 400

Presented By: Antti Pajunen

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