Register Dynamics 365 Bootcamp Customer Engagement Summit 2022

Collaborate on complex business scenario’s with task based work inside Model-driven apps

Status: Accepted

In complex business processes you want to streamline work going through different stages, departments and people. In this demo heavy session I will show you some battle tested solutions to help you guide users through their work! In my experience it is absolutely vital to use Business Process Flows in complex business scenario’s. Sure they might not be the fanciest tool inside the Power Platform toolbox. But we can combine them with a lot of new features the platform offers and create a helpful tool in tracking our process. Together with a task based way of working you can keep your users in the flow of their work. I will tell and, probably more important, show you about the options I have used in real world processes.

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Ben den Blanken

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