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Create Dynamics 365 Records from an Excel file

Status: Accepted

The process that I will demonstrate will show how automation can be created which will create new opportunities in Dynamics 365, but this will also check whether or not an account or contact already exists, and if it does, it will link them to the newly created opportunity, if not then will create new account and contact, and then will link them to a new opportunity. The process covers a scenario where salespeople work with partners from around the world. The partners enter all their new sales in an Excel file providing details about the deal such as estimated revenue, a product of interest, who is the customer, etc. These partners however are external users without access to Dynamics CRM, so for that reason, they must send the excel file to the salesperson, who has to manually enter all the deals as new Opportunities in CRM. The process will actually save time and will trigger when an email is received with the attached excel file.

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Kiril Radoslavov

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