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Creating Azure SQL Database Users Programmatically with a Service Principal using Azure DevOps

Status: Submitted

The cloud enables us to quickly and easily, create and destroy resources when we need them. Automating this process reduces manual mistakes and the need for user input. You can use Terraform to put Azure SQL Databases into Infrastructure as Code, then deploy them with Azure DevOps with any additional steps that your business requires for approvals or other processes Once you can create your Azure SQL Database programmatically, a cool next step would be to be able to grant and remove access using automation as well. With a sprinkling of dbatools and a couple of configuration changes, you can also set this up in Azure DevOps This session will take you through the steps required to build an automated solution to create an Azure SQL Database with a Service Principal and create users and apply permissions using Azure DevOps, Terraform, Azure Key Vault and PowerShell.

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Rob Sewell

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