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Custom pages and Custom API, a powerful combination!

Status: Accepted

Every year Microsoft gives us great gems from Dataverse and Power Platform in the corresponding waves, one of them are the custom pages that can offer a much more intuitive user experience than the classic forms and views in Model Driven Apps. It is true that both custom pages and canvas apps are focused on a low-code/no-code approach, as they can be created in record time without development knowledge and then used in projects to give that added value to the user. However, in scenarios where custom pages require complicated logic to be applied, they can benefit from delegating that complicated logic to the server side, as would be the case with a Custom API. This session is about showing a solution to a typical business scenario where you need to offer a different user experience but at the same time apply complex logic. Therefore, I want to show how a mixed solution can be applied using custom pages to offer that different user experience and at the same time using a Custom API to delegate all the complex logic to the server.

Technical Level: 300

Presented By: Wilmer Alcivar

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