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Deep dive into Dataset PCF

Status: Accepted

The dataset PCF will help us migrate from a lot of older HTMLWebResources and will help to implement new requirements. There are a lot of design aspects we should consider before we start the implementation. Let’s go deep dive, see the common patterns but also tips for the pros. We’ll talk about the dataset PCF development using the sdk features for both Model-Driven Apps and Custom Pages (Canvas Apps). Like multiple datasets, subgrids for no directly linked relations, editing and saving the data, extended interaction with the ribbon. “Self made” and webAPI requests should be the way only when there is no sdk possibility. Let’s see the role of PowerFX for the pro-dev components. We’ll use the new React and FluentUI Virtual Code Components and other libraries. And there is also the lookup PCF, kind of hybrid control type: half a field, half a dataset PCF.

Technical Level: 300

Presented By: Diana Birkelbach

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