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Embed Canvas Apps in Outlook for custom experiences

Status: Accepted

Canvas Apps provide an awesome way of presenting tailored UIs to your customers in order to enable them to solve their problems in the best possible way. However a lot of users still love their Outlook client and seem to spend most of their time writing mails in it. Power Apps already provides an built-in Outlook Add-in to get Model-Driven Apps running in Outlook, but there is no such way for Canvas Apps. In this session we will do a deep dive in embedding Canvas Apps, specifally embedding them in the beloved Outlook clients. By doing a live demo of building our own custom Outlook Add-in featuring an embedded Canvas App. We build the solution and show in demo cases how we can leverage it to enable users to use the full feature set of the platform (Power Automate, Power BI) right from their Outlook.

Technical Level: 400

Presented By: Mats Necker

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