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Integrating Neo4j with Power BI

Status: Accepted

Integrating and shaping data is something that both Neo4j and Power BI excel at. Graph databases such as Neo4j allow you do things no relational database can do, yet being able to develop reports, dashboards and the right visualization for graph data can be challenging. Since Neo4j doesn’t provide a simple out-of-the-box tool to allow you to pull data into Power BI we need a bit of help using a Pro-Code Power Query solution. Attend this session to learn how to utilize Neo4j’s Web API for pulling in and modeling data with Power BI. This session will walk you through the workings of 2 Power Query Templates that allow you connect to Neo4j and submit Cypher queries and then automatically format the graph data into Power BI tables. The Power Queries are designed to be used as templates for reuse. So even if you’re new to Power BI and new to Neo4j, you’ll be able to utilize these Power Query templates and gain some understanding on how they work and learn some pretty cool Power Query techniques along the way.

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Bryant Avey

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