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Intelligent Automation / Hyper Automation with Power Automate

Status: Accepted

Power Automate is used by over 350,000 organizations each month. This is the largest pool of automation citizen developers worldwide. Most importantly, millions of process and billions of API calls running everyday in environments that are build on Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Compliance Center and Power Platform Admin Center. This session will demonstrate how to move from simple automation to true Enterprise Grade Hyper Automation by combining Power Automate capabilities and expand into the Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and the Azure Cloud to solve simple to complex business challenges This session will include end-to-end demos and product overviews of: – Process Mining (Project Wisdom) – Business Process Management, (Business Process Flows) – Digital Process Automation, (Flows) – Robotic Process Automation (Power Automate Desktop) – Artificial Intelligence (AI Builder) – Unified Governance (Power Platform Admin Center)

Technical Level: 100

Presented By: Kym Dupuis

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