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Journey from NAV 2009 Classic to Business Central October Release. Our story

Status: Accepted

Story from our experience, how we managed to move mid/heavy customized solution from classic client to latest BC release. The session will include advice for preparing and making decisions regarding upgrading end-customer Dynamics NAV Classic (up to 2009) solution to Extensions: 1. Case story (anonymous). Short introduction to solution, customer and its business case ( “mid-to- heavily” customized Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 database and how upgrade was performed to Business Central October Release CU3) 2. Walkthrough Technical upgrade stage: – Pre-Project Stage; – Project Preparation Stage: Internal Resources, Infrastructure, costs required. – Execution stage: Technical upgrade of the objects – covering the whole Classic Client Upgrade process to AL, highlighting my best practices in this part of the upgrade, tools used, etc. – Data Migration part. Covering the story how to move 250GB of data across all versions. – Post project stage: UAT,GO Live. Result, expectations, deadlines. Possible upgrade alternatives, tools, etc. 3. Incentives for upgrade, converting the license; 4. Misconceptions about classic upgrade to extensions;

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Petras Butenas

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