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Keep your implementation or upgrade simple: use ‘Minimum Viable Product’ for project success!

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If you’re moving to Business Central for the first time, either by yourself or with a partner, you probably know how much potential the system has. And while that’s fantastic news (especially if you’re moving from a less capable system) it can also be a little daunting. Questions come up like: How do we define all our requirements? How do we know what we need before we’ve used the system? What if we miss something!? Join me in this session where we’ll pitch an alternative approach: Minimum Viable Product. We’ll talk through keeping your implementation as simple as possible. I’ll cover how to do this, along with some useful tips to help you do it too. We’ll go through what you should expect from your partner and what to expect you’ll need to do yourselves too. The aim for this session is for you to come away feeling comfortable about your new system and your upcoming project(s). We will keep things pretty simple, so there is no need for Business Central knowledge. It will be useful for those on NAV moving to BC, or those coming from another system entirely.

Technical Level: 100

Presented By: Steve Brooks

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