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Let’s automate all your D365 and M365 documents – with Dataverse, PowerAutomate, Power Apps & dox42!

Status: Accepted

Real life business processes require the generation of documents like quotes, reports, contracts, emails, etc… Use dox42 to automatically generate these documents with data from all sources by simply clicking a button directly in your Dynamics 365 applications, in a Power App or by letting a Flow do all the work for you! What you will see in this session: • Easily design complex documents in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint with tables, conditions, barcodes, charts, images, etc. • Generate these documents where you need them: directly in Dynamics 365 CE, FO, BC, Power Automate, PowerApps, SharePoint, and many more. • Combine data sources: Dataverse, SharePoint, D365 CE, FO & BC, Web Services, SQL and many more. • Maintain templates and modular text blocks in Microsoft 365 / SharePoint & Teams or Dataverse • How to set up your Dataverse document generation in Power Apps and Flows. Your result will be a business user friendly document automation process that can be efficient, enjoyable, and productive at the same time. The session will be brought to you by dox42 Senior Technical Evangelist Lisa Pulsinger and dox42 Business Technology Evangelist Norina Vogelsinger.

Technical Level: 100

Presented By: Norina Vogelsinger

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