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Make PowerShell A Real Solution in 5 Steps

Status: Accepted

Wait, isn’t PowerShell a great solution already? Let me explain :-) We all love PowerShell because it’s an awesome framework for automating recurring tasks. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could take your code and delegate the script execution to help desk teams and end users in a secure and easy way? In this session I will show you how you can use ScriptRunner to simplify the way you develop, manage and delegate PowerShell scripts for Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365 and Azure in 5 steps:

1. Centralize your PowerShell scripts, including Git sync

2. Secure credentials and permissions management, including password server support

3. Automatically create a web GUI and portal widgets

4. Monitor all PowerShell activities with a flexible dashboard

5. Delegate script execution to helpdesk teams and end users

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Heiko Brenn

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