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Microsoft Teams: Usability vs Security

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End-users have adopted Teams and love the freedom to work and collaborate in the open with colleagues, customers and partners alike. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool for supporting cross-functional and even cross-organisational collaboration, but its openness introduces concerns about unfettered file and data sharing between an unlimited number of users. Historically, often, effective security came at the expense of usability. And usability came at the expense of security. Many continue to go by the notion that there is no way to achieve both effective security and usability simultaneously – but with Microsoft Teams, and the wider M365 security and compliance capabilities, it can be possible to achieve secure collaboration. In this session, we will take you through some of the requirements and challenges that your Teams users typically have. After attending this session, you will understand at a high-level: • Some of the key use-cases for Microsoft Teams and some the key risks it introduces • What are the fundamental technical components that Microsoft Teams builds upon • Where does Microsoft security responsibilities end and yours begin • An action plan of what you can do today to better secure your Microsoft Teams instance without affecting productivity • The licensing implications of the above

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Zoe Wilson

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