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Security in Microsoft Dataverse

This session is to give an overview regarding how security is handled in Dataverse

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Free Dataverse Space, Sync Dynamics 365 security model in SharePoint, and much more with our Document Management Apps

With the ever-increasing load of customer data and the limited space available within CRM, it becomes necessary to look for alternative solutions to successfully manage documents and storage space within CRM. And when you use some third-party tool for your storage woes, you have security concerns like user privileges, the integrity of the files and folders stored, etc. So, how do you fulfil these critical needs of your organization?

And what best than to reach out to an established ISV for your storage and document management woes?

Inogic, Microsoft Gold ISV Partner since 2006, has a suite of Microsoft AppSource preferred easy-to-use storage and document management apps called Attach2Dynamics and SharePoint Security Sync.

Attach2Dynamics- An efficient storage management solution that integrates Dynamics 365 CRM with Dropbox, Azure Blob Storage, and SharePoint

What challenges does it solve?

1. Managing database size and thereby managing the costs associated with adding additional storage capacity

2. Alternate storage options that provide seamless integration with Dynamics CRM

Because of document management capabilities of SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint are often used together. Even though they both have their own advanced security models, they differ a lot. This is why out-of-the-box integration from Microsoft doesn’t sync Dynamics 365 CRM permissions to SharePoint. This results in data control issues as people who don’t have access to documents to Dynamics 365 CRM can get it in SharePoint.

SharePoint Security Sync- An effective Privilege management Solution that replicates Dynamics 365 CRM security model in SharePoint

What challenges does it solve?

1. Help manage privileges and provide secured access to folders and files in SharePoint similar to that provided in CRM.

2. Create a Custom Folder Structure in SharePoint from within Dynamics 365 CRM

So, hop on to our session and learn how these apps can save your storage space and costs, secure your documents and help you manage them, all from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Automate all your D365 and M365 documents with Dataverse, PowerAutomate, Power Apps & dox42

Real life business processes require the generation of documents like quotes, reports, contracts, emails, etc… Use dox42 to automatically generate these documents with data from all sources by simply clicking a button directly in your Dynamics 365 applications, in a Power App or by letting a Flow do all the work for you!

What you will see in this session:

· Easily design complex documents in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint with tables, conditions, barcodes, charts, images, etc.

· Generate these documents where you need them: directly in Dynamics 365 CE, FO, BC, Power Automate, PowerApps, SharePoint & many more

· Combine data sources: Dataverse, SharePoint, D365 CE, FO & BC, Web Services, SQL & many more

· Maintain templates and modular text blocks in Microsoft 365 / SharePoint & Teams or Dataverse

· How to set up your Dataverse document generation in Power Apps and Flows

Your result will be a business user friendly document automation process that can be efficient, enjoyable, and productive at the same time.

The session will be brought to you by dox42 Senior Technical Evangelist Lisa Pulsinger and dox42 Business Technology Evangelist Norina Aichholz.

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Get started with Microsoft Dataverse Business Events

In this session we will see a new way to expose events and business logic in Dataverse. We will see the notion of event catalog, a concept inspired by the Dynamics 365 for finance and operations solution. Also, we will see how to understand and use the standard events of Dataverse and how to create custom events. Finally, we will see a new feature recently added to Dataverse which is “External Events” that allows to notify Dataverse for a completed events in external systems.

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Everything about Dataverse Plugin Project!

In this demo session, we will learn how to develop a plugin project to be more testable, readable, usable, and debuggable. We will also learn how to implement logging through feature flags and decorator-pattern for scenarios like round-up calculation for the Money data type.

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Azure Functions – a powerful app for Dataverse

In this session you will learn two ways of integrating Dataverse with Azure Functions 1. Creating an Azure Function for web hooks in Dataverse 2. Azure Function as an API with managed identity

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Dataverse + Power Apps + Code Components = a winning formula for enterprise grade low-code solutions

In this session, Rahan will be showcasing how citizen developers can fuse together Power Apps, Dataverse and ready-made code components to rapidly automate the enterprise at scale. Learn how Dataverse provides a robust and flexible backbone to handle your data, no matter where it originates, and how Power Apps with code components elevate your solutions to another level. The session will comprise of many demos which are aligned against mainstream enterprise use cases.

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Dataverse and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Quick Overview about the options we have with Finance and Operations with Dataverse

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Design a Flexible Datamodel for Dataverse

Propose a flexible datamodel working with a property custom entity, tipized by other custom entity, plugin and alternate keys to create a datamodel able to add all type of custom tipized data without modify solution.

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Intro to Office Script and how to use it in Power Automate

Office Script can be used to alter Excel files. In this session, you will learn what Office Script is and how it can be used in Power Automate.