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Power Apps Portal Build Tools – Portal ALM

In this session, you’ll learn 1. How to automate your portal deployment using Power Apps CLI. 2. Significance and Use of deployment profile in portal deployment. 3. PowerApps Portals Build Tools – A FREE Azure DevOps Extension that empowers developers to enable CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) of portal configuration. You can use this tool to check-in the portal configuration to source control and move portal configuration to any environment using Power Apps CLI.

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To Flow or Not to Flow? ALM Considerations and Approaches for Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps

As professional developers, we are encouraged to leverage Power Automate flows as our first preference tool within the Power Platform for any automation needs. However, this approach can pose potential challenges when it comes to adopting an automated ALM strategy involving Azure DevOps, which do not surface when you implement Azure Logic Apps instead. This session will compare and contrast the two different experiences, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of both routes and providing some recommendations based on experiences working with both toolsets. The session will also be open to audience participation so that experiences can be shared and discussed further.

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BI Architecture Hero : Azure Data Lake and Azure Synapse with Dynamics 365 F&O

You are wondering how to replace in 2022 your poor BYOD performance sync that you use for several years ? This is an architecture session about building a quicky end-to-end Modern Data Architecture with your ERP and even Dataverse data You will discover how to push in real-time any change data feeds from FinOps to Data Lake (Incremental and full sync way) – without any batch or performance issue How to build your data model after in Azure Synapse (Pool and Serverless) – use it after with PowerBI or Azure Machine Learning

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Data Event – Virtual Entities / Dynamics 365 F&O and Power Platform convergence

Brand new session from my most-wanted feature of 2021, Data Event Catalog via Virtual Entities – no sync, no data management, how to build any kind of data event in Power Automate link any kind of trigger table in dataverse, but with your ERP Data šŸ˜‰ and all kind of data entities ! – how to use it also via Canvas App or Model Driven App – I will pick few real business cases to build those 3 components in just few minutes

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Let’s dissect Document Automation in Power Platform

We will start our session discussing AI in Power Platform (particularly with Power Automate), then we will explore different AI models in Power Platform. In the latter half of our session, we will then deep dive into Document automation and explore the underlying technologies present in Document Automation.

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integrate Azure AD and map user to person with Dynamics 365 HR

In this session, we will see how to integrate Dynamics 365 HR with Azure AD and how to map users with the person. Currently, there is no functionality available within Dynamics 365 HR to integrate Azure AD. To map users with a person, we need to make it manual. We will see how the below integration can help customers and partners. 1. When a worker is hired in HR then create a user in AD. 2. When worker information is modified then update user information in AD. 3. Automatically map a user with a person.

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Dig Deeper into Real-time marketing in Dynamics 365

Join Ashish to dig deeper into Real-time marketing in Dynamics 365. Marketing now is all about how personalized experience a customer will get. In this session, we will learn how to use SMS, Push notifications and email to connect with your customers. Some expectation handling scenarios on e-commerce.

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Integrate Teams, Virtual Agents, Forms and Power Automate

I am planning to create Power Virtual Agent on Teams which provides Microsoft funding info and templates to fill and create opportunities on Microsoft Partner Center

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MicroDevOps – Fast-track your Microservice deployment to Azure using Azure DevOps

Microservice is a blazing topic today. From SMEs to large corporations, building solution in microservice architecture has been the trend. However, how to quickly build and deploy the microservice to production across different environments have been a challenge. In my talk, I will show the audience how to build the DevOps pipeline and work out a release strategy to better deploy micro-services into production. I call it MicroDevOps. We will use Azure DevOps to build a proof of concept to showcase the concept and best practises to bring a microservice solution into production.

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Azure and Containers, the two inseparable friends…

Containers are getting widespread really fast, in fact companies are more willing to run their application in a container than a Virtual Machine. Microsoft Azure has been one of the vanguards in the containerization services and we’re proud to let you know that currently we’re the only cloud provider which allows you to not only run your workloads in a container in Azure or your on-premises environment, but also manage it all right from your Azure environment. In this session we will review all the different ways you can run containers in Azure and how easy it is to get started with those. In summary we will cover: * Azure Container Registry * Azure Container Instances * Azure Web Apps for containers * Azure Container Apps * Azure Kubernetes Services * Azure Service Fabric * Azure Red Hat OpenShift * Azure Arc * Azure Kubernetes Engine This is a journey where we start from simple scenarios and work our way towards more advanced scenarios. It’s going to be fun