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Leverage AI Builder Capabilities with Power Automate

During this session, I’m going to demonstrate how we can leverage the capabilities of AI using Power Automate. I’m going to talk more about AI Builder with Power Automate. I’m going to demonstrate Receipt Processing, Language Detection, Spam Detection, Form Processing, Category Classification, Prediction, and Lot more things! This would be a complete package where I’m going to demonstrate each thing with detailing.

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Power Automate Mobile Application – All you should know about this

During this session, I will demonstrate the Power of Power Automate with Mobile Application. In Power Automate there are lots of actions that support mobile App. I’m going to get started with an overview of the Power Automate Mobile App in detail. Then, I will represent the top 10 templates and actions that we can leverage to solve some real-life business use cases and scenarios. We will be discussing more Location, Approval, Power Automate buttons, and lots of other capabilities throughout the session.

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Flow Magic

You managed to build a flow and it works. Well done! But does your flow run fast enough? Your flow is running fast but Power Automate is giving you time-outs and throttling errors? Are your processes in need of a bit of flow magic? Join this session and learn how to make sure that your flows never fail and run as fast as they can.

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Intelligent Automation / Hyper Automation with Power Automate

Power Automate is used by over 350,000 organizations each month. This is the largest pool of automation citizen developers worldwide. Most importantly, millions of process and billions of API calls running everyday in environments that are build on Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Compliance Center and Power Platform Admin Center. This session will demonstrate how to move from simple automation to true Enterprise Grade Hyper Automation by combining Power Automate capabilities and expand into the Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and the Azure Cloud to solve simple to complex business challenges This session will include end-to-end demos and product overviews of: – Process Mining (Project Wisdom) – Business Process Management, (Business Process Flows) – Digital Process Automation, (Flows) – Robotic Process Automation (Power Automate Desktop) – Artificial Intelligence (AI Builder) – Unified Governance (Power Platform Admin Center)

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Automating Human Resources using Power Automate!

– This session focuses on understanding how easy it is to connect Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Power Automate – Walk through the life of a Human Resources professional and get to know the manual tasks – Demo and real time implementation of how power automate can automate simple tasks of a HR Professional – Summary of advantages of using Power Automate in your business! – How to learn and become a citizen developer – Microsoft Learn and amazing community content

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D365 Human Resources and Power Virtual Agents!

– This session focusses on blending the worlds of a HR professional; Dynamics 365 and Power Platform with Power Virtual Agents as a focal point. – We will look at how easy it to create a chat bot and apply to a real world scenario. – Explore specific use cases in the world of Human Resources how Power Virtual Agents can be of help – Explain the advantages of using PVA to create a cool employee experience and improve employee engagement

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Power Platform for Teams – Welcome to Microsoft Dataverse

Microsoft Teams is becoming the hub for workplace collaboration, and with Microsoft Power Apps, Teams can be further customized to bring everything a frontline worker needs within only one application. In this session I’ll show you the new model for create app in Teams: Project Oakdale. Project Oakdale delivers a built-in low code data platform for Microsoft Teams, and provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise grade governance, and one-click solution deployment. Project Oakdale enables everyone to easily build and deploy apps and intelligent chatbots in Teams with Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents.

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Introducing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for Power Platform

How can we ensure that we can easily and automatically deliver the various customisations that we can make for our applications? In this session, we will see an introduction to the solutions management, how to define a branch strategy and to implement a simple ALM scenario with a demo!

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Extending Common Data Service using Azure Function

During this session, we will see how we can benefit from one of the “serverless” services offered by Azure to extend the CDS, whether for remote business logic or for data exchanges between different systems.

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Flow into FinOps

In this session we go through the Triggers and Actions of the Power Automate (Flow) Finance & Operation Connector. We will talk about Business Events, the different actions that the connector uses and limitations to be aware of.