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Power Apps Portals ALM

Status: Accepted

So you’ve built the perfect Power Apps Portal in your development environment, and now you need to move it to another environment for testing, and eventually to production. Just export the Dataverse solution and import into the target environment, right? Wrong! A lot of your work with Portals involves data, which isn’t captured in a solution. Join Business Applications MVP Nick Hayduk, whose firm Engineered Code helps Microsoft partners all over the world with Portals projects, as he provides an overview of the options for moving Power Apps Portals data between Dataverse environments. Some of the options we’ll cover in the Configuration Migration Tool, Power Apps Command Line Interface, and the XrmToolBox. By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need for healthy Power Apps Portals ALM!

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Nicholas Hayduk, P. Eng.

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