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Power BI & Azure Databricks – A Magical Union

Status: Accepted

Azure Databricks is a powerful technology that is used by both Data Engineers and Data Scientists to perform their jobs. On one hand Data Engineers use it to transform and structure data, on the other hand Data Scientists use this transformed data to do advanced analytics. But what about the business users, who in real life need to see this data in an easier way to generate actionable insights in their day-to-day life? In order to make their life easier, we can now use the data from Azure Databricks within a powerful visualization tool like Microsoft Power BI; and further help the end-users to leverage the benefit of this data and generate insights based on their requirements. In this session today, we will see how we can quickly bring in the transformed data from Azure Databricks to Microsoft Power BI, and further generate beautiful visualizations to generate insights. We will further explore how easy it is to drag and drop data points to different type of charts/visuals and make them pretty with few clicks. The session will help the audience in understanding how a magic is created when Azure Databricks meets with Microsoft Power BI.

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Pragati Jain

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