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Practical Automated Testing for Business Central

Status: Accepted

Let’s talk about automated tests. We’ll skip most of the theory and abstract discussions about the “testing pyramid” and justifications for why you must write tests. Instead, we’ll start with a sample specification and walk through how you might approach the development with automated tests in mind. We’ll see how quickly we can write some meaningful tests that guide and support our development by using the standard library codeunits as well as creating our own test library. We’ll do all of this without leaving the comfort of Visual Studio Code with the AL Test Runner extension and a Business Central Docker container. Along the way we’ll give some thought to: What should we test? Should we write the tests before or after the production code – or doesn’t it matter? Do we care about code coverage? (Spoiler: the answer to all three is “it depends – you’re the developer, you need to apply the principles to your own project”).

Technical Level: 400

Presented By: James Pearson

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