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Revenue Engineering: 5 Steps to a CRM-Ready Sales Process

Status: Accepted

If you want your sales team to increase deal size, decrease cycle length, improve win rates, avoid letting deals slip through the cracks, deliver meaningful forecasts, and continuously improve sales results – then you need a sales process. In this non-technical session you will learn to create a sales process that your users will adopt, your leaders can manage, and that drives measurable results. Attendees will also receive a free copy of the Amazon best-seller: “Revenue Engineering.” Key Takeaways: • Define your first sales process, or capture pointers for refining existing processes • Learn how best-in-class sales teams design processes to align with their buyer’s processes • Develop a process that you can map to your CRM solution • Get your team on board with following the process

Technical Level: 100

Presented By: Geoff Ables

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