Dynamics 365 FinOps Community Summit 2021 Fri 15th January

Self-Service PowerBI Reporting for D365 FinOps

Status: Submitted

In this brand new session, I will show you how to build an easy end-to-end Technical Architecture on top of your loved ERP Dynamics 365 F&O for BI and Self-Service Reporting. I will demonstrate best practices about DataMart, Modern Data Warehouse , Data Lake, Azure Synapase Analyitics, PowerBI DataFlow with CDM folders in order to let Citizen Developers and Business Users build their own Report on PowerBI without to know the obscure schema level of D365 F&O ! We will see how to extend it and propose almost near real time data consume to fit their KPI needs 🙂

Technical Level: 300

Presented By: Aurelien CLERE

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