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Unleash Power Bots in your Microsoft Teams!

Status: Accepted

Power Virtual Agent bots are extending Teams in several ways. They can be used to help different organizational units to scale up and to provide employees 24/7 customer service. Usual examples are HR and IT FAQ bots, using conversation to replace forms but there are much more to these bots than meet the keyboard. In this session I am going to dive how Power Virtual Agents can be used to different scenarios that support business processes and integrate other systems to employees chat. This session is about Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate and Approvals in Teams scope, utilizing Project Oakdale capabilities. This session has practical demos and it will provide you information how to get start enhancing bots in your organization. The content is from level 200 to 300. This is a #locode session. Why to attend: learn what is possible with Power Virtual Agents and how you can make your bots better, business process connected and more productive. And perhaps a bit more fun to use as well.

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Vesa Nopanen

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