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Becoming a great consultant and What your college degree couldn’t teach you

Have you ever met a great consultant? What made them great? The concept of consulting has been around for centuries. As humans, we are wired to looking for new ideas, validation, and advice from our fellow humans, but that certainly does not mean we are all good at it. Why are some people good at being consultative and others are not? Why do some consultants intrinsically instill confidence in those they talk to and others don’t? Whether you are a customer-facing consultant or a world-class introverted nerd you can benefit from cultivating this skill. In this session, we will attempt to unlock this mystery by offering tips, strategies, and practical concepts that will empower you to engage effectively, document thoroughly, and offer sound honest advice to your customers.

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Dynamics 365 Vs PowerApps Solution Architecture and Licencing Considerations

As PowerApps moves into the space of traditional Dynamics 365 Business Application scenarios it has been difficult for organisations to truly understand whether they need Dynamics 365 or if PowerApps is sufficient. In this session I will explain the Architecture of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Solutions also addressing feature gaps and licencing considerations to help you understand how your organisation needs to strategically pivot to truly benefit from the Microsoft Power Platform in solving its Customer Experience and Service Delivery challenges whilst making maximum return on investment and demystifying hidden costs.

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Marketing & GDPR Adaptation

With new rules getting in placed related to GDPR in most of the EU region & slowly in other parts of the worlds. What are MS dynamics limitations and how well equipped it is to cope up with these new cases? This is will be a functional session with some insights into development and configuration.

The Power of Dynamics 365 Sales

In this session I will discuss how organizations can utilize Dynamics 365 Sales to track their sales efforts. I will talk about the out of the box features and configuration options that are available.

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Dynamics 365 Solution Architecture Best Practices

In this session I will discuss all the new features in D365 Field Service that are part of 2021 RW 1

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Enterprise Collaborations with Dynamics 365, Adaptive Cards and MS Teams

Organization staff need to collaborate on sales and service activities and approvals, in this session I will show you how to use Adaptive Cards working with Dataverse connector to collaborate in MS Teams as an actionable pop-up.

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Selling Field Service Preventative Maintenance Agreement

In this session, learn how to sell Field Service Preventative Maintenance Agreement through Sales Process in D365 CE.

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Improve Customer Service using D365 and Power Platform

In this session we will show how to improve customer experience and services using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform utilising Customer Service and Self Service Portals.

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Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with SharePoint

Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with SharePoint to enable collaboration and seamless integration for managing content in a centralized repository

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Introduction to Dynamics 365 Fundamentals

Presentation of the MB-910 and MB-920. What are the differences? Which one is the best for you? Tips and method to prepare and succeed your certification