[ May 13, 2021 by Goloknath Mishra 0 Comments ]

Microsoft Healthcare Industry Accelerator & it’s future

In this session we will discuss about different Industry Accelerators built on top of Dynamics 365. Live Demo on Education Accelerator, Nonprofit Accelerator, Finance Service Accelerator & Healthcare Accelerator. How Microsoft focusing on healthcare & future of Healthcare Accelerator i.e. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

[ May 7, 2021 by Scott Roller 0 Comments ]

Dynamics Customer Insights: Slice and dice customer data to gain value insights

Together we will cover start to finish all of the segments of Dynamics Customer Insights from data ingestion to the out put of data insights into Power Apps and Power BI. We will start with data ingestion & unification then proceed to creating data segments and calculated data measures. We will cover how to use Artificial Intelligence to calculate brand affinity and interest through the use of industry data in Microsoft Graph. Azure Machine Learning will provide a way to create custom ML models for unique scenarios. As a result of these setup actions we will see the data displayed in Power BI charts, we will be able to interact with the data in a canvas Power App and we will be able to trigger actions using Power Automate.

[ May 6, 2021 by Nicolás Fernandez 0 Comments ]

How to make Dynamics 365 more user friendly

On this session we’ll discuss different capabilities and approaches to design more user friendly solutions with Dynamics 365. Users adoption is critical for the success of a project, so It’s important to provide a solution that fits with what the user want and need. The lessons learned on the last twelve years of experience working with CRM implementations were transformed in this quick list of tips (both on how to approach a solution or on which functionality leverage on) to consider when you design Dynamics 365 solutions.

[ May 6, 2021 by Ashish Rana 0 Comments ]

Continuous analyzes your customer-interaction data with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Continuously analyzes the vast collection of customer-interaction data with Sales Insights. Join Ashish to learn and build strong relationships with your customers using great features in Sales Insights. I will cover the below topics in my session: Guided selling Productivity intelligence Sales Accelerator Connection insights Conversation Intelligence Predictive models How to get Sale Insights with Sample data and data configurator.

[ May 5, 2021 by Mihir Shah 0 Comments ]

How to enable Customer Voice – Enterprise Feedback Management App for your organization

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Voice is an Enterprise Feedback Management App. This session will help you in setting up the Customer Voice App. Learn about the App, create Projects / design and send survey and analyze responses. Also get to know some of the considerations when deploying Customer Voice.

Cloud Flows in Model-driven apps.

In this session l will demo a use case on how to run Power Automate in a Model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 CE and get record statuses updated.

[ May 3, 2021 by William McLendon 0 Comments ]

Universal Resource Scheduling at Scale

In this session we’re going to compare Universal Resource Scheduling and Activities. We’ll explore the customer journey, expand on the Employee Experience, discuss the additional learnings, and demo Bidirectional Synchronization

[ April 30, 2021 by Jeevarajan Kumar 0 Comments ]

Empower your applications using Customer Insights

In this session, we’ll see how the Customer Insights data can be leveraged to build embedded insights in business applications, custom applications (Microsoft Power Apps) to drive informed action and enable real-time decision making.

[ April 23, 2021 by Muhammad Mustajab 0 Comments ]

D365 Marketing & GDPR. A Match?!

This session will cover how D365 marketing offer the GDPR options to its users. I will be covering a brief explanation about what is GDPR and later on how D365 provide us different ways to cope with this.

[ April 23, 2021 by Franco Martino Gagliardi 0 Comments ]

Adding Whatsapp+Power Virtual Agent to Omnichannel

We will surf step by step to setup a Whatsapp (featuring Twillio and a Power Virtual Agent Bot) channel for Omnichannel framework App for Customer Service. Finally we will see our channel working online with context vars which make us available to autoidentify a Client, use cases and examples.